10 Things I’ve Learned from Boxing for 29 Days

My goal this month was to taking boxing classes.  It wasn’t a goal I could do everyday per se, I mean, I guess I could’ve, but I knew going into it I wouldn’t be hittin’ the bag everyday because of my schedule and the intensity of the workouts.  This month got a little derailed with an overload of work at my day job, but I limped through to the best of my ability despite ending the month while sick.  So, here’s what I’ve learned on an imperfect month of pulling off this goal…

Feel Dumb, But Go Anyway – No one feels confident when they walk into a boxing place with zero experience which I believe is the primary reason people never get it a’ go.  You will feel dumb.  Just like every new thing.  And you know what?  No one cares.  Everyone knows you don’t know what you’re doing….bring humor and ask questions and literally an hour later you’ll feel so proud of yourself and no one will make fun of you.  If they do, you’ll at least know how to throw a punch.

Buy Your Own Wraps and Gloves – Shared boxing gloves are D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G.  Just get through the sweaty gross gloves the first time, but buy your own asap so you don’t feel like you’re picking up random diseases along the way.  Plus, who doesn’t want their own boxing gloves?!

Jog in Place if You Must – Whatever you do, whether you’re doing a boot camp class or a boxing class or some random stair climbing fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis where you have to climb a high rise set of stairs as fast as possible and feel like you’re dying and vow to never do it again (you know, just for a random example), get your heart rate up before you go full force.  The hardest part of boxing at Title Boxing, in my opinion, and in the opinion of everyone around me who looks miserable, is the warm up.  You can’t just stand there with a resting heart rate of 98 and then take off sprinting and actually think you’re going to live to see the boxing part of the class.  Walk on the nearest treadmill if you get there early, do some jumping jacks or jog in place while you’re picking out your punching bag and stretching out.  Trust me, just do some sort of side warm up that makes you feel stupid but gets your heart rate up a little and you’ll thank yourself when you’re not having to limp off to the side gasping for what feels like your last breath in this life.

Don’t Wear Yoga Pants to Box – Pants have never felt hotter in my life until I was boxing and sweating my a$$ off in ankle length overpriced LuLu Lemon pants that had never been tighter and stuck to my sweaty legs.  At least sport a capri.

Know Where You’re At – If you’re in a season of having to put in a lot of hours at work or something else that has your attention – just know where you’re at and don’t get hard on yourself if you can’t make it to a boxing class even though you signed up for a monthly membership and created a public blog about boxing. <<hangs head in the constant ongoing life lessons about seasons of life>>

If You’re Going to Workout for an Hour, Box – A guy on YouTube said boxing burns 1,000 calories.  If you can muster up the energy and you only have 1 hour to workout, box it up.  It by far beats any other workout I’ve done.

Stay in the Zone – I thought I’d channel things that piss me off when I did a boxing class.  The fact of the matter is, you have to just stay focused on what you’re doing and block out all the other noise.  You have to stay in the zone and listen to the instructor and focus on good form.  Don’t go in thinking you’ll be envisioning your enemies – there’s no time – and not enough mental capacity for all of that.

Eat Right – You can’t even go to a boxing club and run laps and do burpees and throw punches and do abs if you’re workin’ off large pieces of lasagna and breadsticks and pizza and other crap that you shouldn’t eat in the first place.  You have to eat right, you just have to.

Bring an Entourage – Traditionally, I like to do most things by myself.  Only child syndrome and what not….but I have found that the couple classes where a friend joined me was way more fun.  It held me accountable and gave me the boost I needed when we could glance at each other with the “this is miserable, isn’t it?” look.

Have Them Wrap Your Wrists – No one really knows the correct way to wrap their own wrists for boxing.  Just ask them to do it for you, because, well, you have better things to worry about in this life.

I did it.

I am a member of Title Boxing now, so these adventures will continue.