10 Things I’ve Learned from Drawing for 30 Days

I spent the month of October drawing everyday.  Here are the 10 things I’ve learned throughout the month….

Family First – We all know it’s true but sometimes we see it play out more during one season of our life compared to another.  This was the first month’s worth of goals where I had to step back for a week and couldn’t do it.  I was working a million hours and my Grandma wasn’t feeling well (she’s better now!) so I was putting my energy, time, and worry into those things – and I guess I was learning how to cut myself breaks in life while I was at it.  Even though my goal was just drawing everyday for fun, the inner struggle I had knowing I would have to post and say I didn’t do it bummed me out…but there was obviously a lesson hidden in there.

Art Supply Stores are as Fun as They Look – I just really wanted to go shopping at an arts supplies store and buy a huge drawing pad of paper and pencils and charcoals….so I did.  You really don’t have to have a blog and 30 day goal to just drop $25-$50 on stuff you know you’ve wanted to buy and doodle on for years.

Slow Down – I love rushing through things.  Not important things, but things that are sufficient at an 80% effort.  Some business books would tell you I’m a genius because I exert energy where it needs to be and give non-important tasks the lower level energy they deserve….but….trying to rush when you’re drawing might end in you drawing the scariest looking picture of your husband ever because you didn’t take your time.  Not that I would know, but I mean, check out previous blog posts I did this month and you may see something that resembles what I’m referring to here.

Unplug – If you’ve been following my gals with goals stories for at least the last few months, you know that I loved the month that I took singing lessons simply because I was disconnected from technology and it wasn’t my standard working out-type of goal.  If you can slow down enough to really give it it’s full attention, drawing is a fun way to disconnect too.

Left-Handed Curses – Left-handers shouldn’t use charcoal pencils unless they’re really good at holding up the rest of their hand to avoid charcoal smears down the arm; and left-handers should never start on the left hand side of a picture unless they want it to be a streak of smudge by the end.

There’s an App for That – I mean, I knew I could order Dominos by simply texting in the pizza emoji, says that one commercial with that one actress that probably never eats pizza – but I didn’t realize until a coworker told me that there was an app to teach you how to draw too.

I Don’t Do Well if There’s Not Fame, Fortune, or a Big Reward at the End – I would love to say I loved drawing because it fulfilled me and made me slow down and I had all these amazing pictures that I’d consider framing and hanging in my house, but….#1, if you’ve been to my house you know I’m super snobby when it comes to home decor and #2, if I’m not getting something at the end of my hard work….I tend to check out.  I felt like I was drawing just ’cause I said I would, which made it hard for me to want to do it.  It was good in theory, but then I was like “so…..what am I getting out of this and shouldn’t I be doing something else more productive?”  Again, some business people may say I’m a genius, some friends may say “slow down and enjoy life.”  Eh.

Laugh at Yourself – Chris is so good at doing this.  He takes his family, his work, and his health very seriously but he’s amazing at laughing at himself when he tries something new (and it’s even better that his laugh is contagious!)  The first week of this goal I wanted to just hide all evidence that I even attempted to draw a picture of us, but he laughed so hard when he looked at it that it made me crack up laughing and made me way less self conscious about posting my flaws for all to see (common theme of this blog over 10 months).  P.S.  That picture really was just horrible.

Artists are like Engineers – I think we divide engineering-types into one category and artistic types into another, but it takes a similar type of brain to plan how to space things and how to have a specific vision for something you’re building and/or drawing.  If you draw one eye ball amazingly well but can’t plan and calculate the space in between it and the other eye ball….you end up drawing sideways faces.  Not that I would know.

Cartoon Characters Make People Happy – Drawing whimsical things like Simpsons characters is way more fun.


I did it.