10 Things I’ve Learned From Trying a Recipe a Day

I am glad this goal has come to an end.  It’s ranking as one of my least favorites so far which can be felt through the semi-negative undertone of this list (did I learn nothing from my month of not complaining?!).  For anyone else who wants to give it a’ go, here are the 10 things I’ve learned after a recipe a day in June.

Serve Others – I’ve learned that I actually do like cooking when there’s an opportunity to serve others.  If I have a neighbor, friend, or family member in need then I actually feel like I’m helping by making some sort of high carb casserole dish and putting it in a disposable container with foil on top.  Or maybe it just makes me feel grown up?

Measuring Is For Losers – I guess I don’t like measurements.  I didn’t really realize this about myself until I was trying to type out my recipes with specifics on how much of something I did or didn’t use.  I use my mom’s general cooking method of “eh…good enough.” After 30 days, I’ve realized that I tend to cut these types of corners on all small tasks.  I’m the person who gets an A in the hardest statistics class in my undergrad but gets a C in the easiest humanities course offered.  And anyway, is there really a difference between tsp and tbsp (besides the “b”), no.

If You Don’t Pre-Plan, You Will Hate Cooking, Possibly Yourself, And Maybe Others Too – So…I know preparation and organization and pre-planning is important.  I live by this rule.  I don’t even go to bed at night unless everything downstairs is put back in it’s place.  I won’t leave for work (or even anywhere on the weekends) until the bed is perfectly made.  I work ahead on my emails and I always know what’s on my weekly schedule (and normally the following week too).  I budget our money to the penny and I pre-plan days off work nearly 12 months in advance.  But, for some reason, I couldn’t pre-plan 30 recipes.  I just didn’t want to.  I don’t want to now just as I sit here and think about it and the month is over.  The key to actually cooking recipes that you’re proud to post a picture of in the end requires some pre-planning, organization, and prep….and obviously desire.

Sunday and Wednesday – I find that if I am going to cook several items, I’d rather just do it in bulk (with Beyonce music playing loudly in the background).  In real life, if I can make some stuff on a Sunday and then again on a Wednesday….I’m basically on top of life and all things culinary.  Doing 1 recipe a day is difficult because life can have you in the kitchen at 9pm or 10pm still trying to make something that you no longer have an appetite for that night…possibly ever.

If I Have to, I Don’t Want to – If I feel like I “have” to cook for some reason, I have zero interest in it.  The same rule applies for washing my hair on the weekends and painting a room.  Sub-learning:  I don’t like cooking in the summer.

Hell-thy – My biggest struggle this month was trying to find a “new” recipe to make while also trying to keep it in the healthy category.  There’s really not a ton of healthy (based on my standards) recipes out there.  I mean, there probably are….but not really.  No wonder healthy people eat the same thing over and over.  How many ways can you cook a chicken breast (if you’re a literal person, please don’t email me with the number)?!

There’s No Hope for an Unripe Avocado – Just. Don’t.

If I Won the Lottery…. – I would still hire a chef.  I would likely do it even if I didn’t win the lottery but made enough money that a chef could fit the budget ::pondering what “enough” money would equate to::.  I like to think it’s about the desire to save time vs the desire to be lazy.

People Love Food – I’m 6 months into this blog with 1 new goal per month.  I always find it funny to see what people are interested in reading about or talking about.  People love food!  I received a lot of recipes from friends or tips on utensils to buy/use or tips on how I should’ve cooked something.  Who knew I had so many friends with kitchen talent?!

Real Women Bake Pies. And Make Jam – I made the jam.  I never did get to that pie.  But what I’ve learned is…if someone is going to give me a homemade pie to eat, I hereby promise to respect all the work that went into it and look at you as the real woman (or man) that you are.  Now I want pie.


I did it.