2016 Goals (and our 2015 recap video)

We officially have a year of Gals with Goals under our belt! 12 months done, lots of blog posts and feelings shared, and a lot of crazy adventures in the books (recap video below).  As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve decided to give this thing one more year <crowd roars>.

Here’s what will have my time and attention in 2016…

January – Eat like a fitness competitor

February – Take boxing classes

March – Prepare for a fitness photo shoot

April – Do 1 thing a day I’ve been procrastinating

May – Revisit my book publishing goal (and get that thing in print this year!)

June – Try a new volunteer opportunity

July – Take an improv class

August – Paint and decorate our spare bedroom

September – Angela’s pick (like last year, we dedicated 1 month to a goal that the other person selects for us)

October – Read stories in the Bible/work my way through a structured Bible study

November – Launch a personal website

December – Celebrate 2 years of Gals with Goals complete!*

*We reserve the right to hold December for silly celebratory-type of goals that include cookies, presents, selfies, and nothing that requires any real talent or challenge based on lessons learned in December 2015 and the fact that we will have each completed 23 goals by then.

For a recap of 2015 (and to hear our actual voices vs. reading our writing), check out our video mere days before it becomes a viral YouTube sensation and we are too busy responding to fan mail to record such things next year.