A 3rd Grader Could’ve Done Better

Day 4:  OMG!  This is the worst.  I don’t even want to post this picture.  I want to pretend this never happened.  I made what was once a beautiful picture into a sketch of some creepy looking thing.  That man on that drawing right there is not Chris, it’s some creepy looking picture that I want to deny that I drew.  I can’t even…

drawing of us

Day 5:  Someone at work told me about an app called “how to draw.”  After what happened in the pic you see above, I was totally open to never looking at it again and trying the app out.  I was short on time today so I picked this little lion to draw.

Here’s the picture from the app

lion instruction

Here’s an example of how it shows you to draw it step-by-step

lion pic

Here is what you think is a picture a 3rd grader drew, but no, it was me.

lion sketch

Day 6:  It was proving to be the busiest work week I’ve had in the last 6 months.  Since I was glued to my laptop from sun up to sun down, this little frog was about all that was happenin’ today.

Frog from the app

frog pic

I’m so humiliated right now.  You guys, it was a really busy work day.

frog sketch

Day 7:  A continuation of a long work day/week, so I only had time to do a little sketch of one of Chris’ favorite childhood cartoons. 

Pic from the app

bart cartoon

“Don’t have a cow, man.” I was so tired and rushed that I didn’t even entertain the idea of using one of my charcoal pencils or making this any better.  I mean, I’m drawing Bart Simpson on a Wednesday night like all grown women should be doing, right?  What is happening with my life?!

bart sketch

Day 8:  Same story as yesterday.  I’m embarrassed at this whole thing.

owl pic

This looks like a devil owl and I didn’t even erase my original pencil marks.  Have I mentioned I worked a billion hours this week?!

owl sketch

Day 9:  I was just tryin’ to make it through to Friday.

bird picture

bird sketch