A Mile in his Shoes

Jan 12, 4:45am…my alarm went off, I knew I had to get up.  I had made a promise to myself the day before that was deeper than just the “get up at 4:45am in the month of January goal.”  Every part of me wanted to just go back to sleep.  Back tracking to Jan 11, I went about my usual Sunday routine after my early morning blog post – yoga at Lululemon, late breakfast, the occassional shopping, getting last minute work organization in before Monday morning.  After yoga, breakfast, and an overindulgence of new workout clothes from Lululemon I decided to make one more stop at DSW before heading home.  I went in for work shoes but found myself in the tennis shoes section.  I decided I “needed” new workout shoes.  I mean….I have woken up at 4:45am for 12 days, right?  I made my way through my favorite brands as I was sweating with my coat, scarf, purse, and potential shoe options under my arms.  After I narrowed it down to the pair I knew I had to have – I noticed a guy an aisle over from me.  He could’ve been 5 years younger than me or 5 years older, I really couldn’t tell.  He had disabilities on many levels, but most noticeably he was walking through the aisles with the type of assisted crutches that have the cuff that go over your forearm.  He slowly and gracefully made his way back and forth down the men’s tennis shoe section with who I assume was his dad.  I literally just stood there and stared at him.  I wasn’t staring because he had a disability I had never seen before.  I stared because here I stood with my shoes that were strictly for vanity while this man is shopping for function on a level that I haven’t even considered.  I stood there thinking about the purpose my shoes would serve vs the purpose his shoes would serve.  I watched his dad as he focused on nothing but his son.  He kept asking him with the same level of patience with every shoe what he liked and what he wanted to try on.  I watched as his dad got on his hands and knees to put the shoes on his feet.  All I could think about was the song “Let Them See You in Me” (JJ Weeks Band) that talks about letting others see God through you – that’s what I felt like I was witnessing through this dad with every shoe he put on his sons foot.  All the stuff I bought and all the embarrassingly vain intentions with no limitation on function or speed of purchase.  I felt….ashamed.  I cried all the way home.  I promised myself on the drive home that I would use tomorrow’s early morning to run a mile in my shoes while I prayed for the mile he will walk in his. 


Jan 13, 4:45am…my alarm went off, I chose to lay there for what turned into 40 minutes.  I checked Facebook enough to see at least 3 posts validating OSU won the National Championship game so that I was at least in touch with reality when I got to work (yes I was a college cheerleader, no I don’t watch football).  I was at the gym by 5:45am where I lifted shoulders and did cardio.  There were 5 other people at the gym today…the rest were apparently in line at Starbucks (or recovering from the game).  I got a coffee after my workout and headed home where I sat on the couch for about 15 minutes before getting in the shower.  I let my 8:15am work arrival time goal go while I relaxed with little sense of urgency while in my favorite workout top with my coffee that was exactly the right temperature.  I was at work by 8:30am where the day proved to be productive yet fairly uneventful.  I would be lying if I said this wasn’t getting harder as the days go on but there is some level of enjoyment once you make it past the hardest part (actually physically getting your body up).  I’m almost to the halfway mark on this goal.  Here’s to beating the sun tomorrow.