A Self Portrait with a Spooky Eye

My goal for October is to draw everyday.  I selected this goal not because I am a secret artist or take any doodle I’ve ever created very serious, but I just wanted to do something that wasn’t work/computer/workout related.  I’ve always wanted to shop in the art supplies stores I see around Columbus, so why not dedicate a month to it!  I am committing to drawing at least 30 minutes a day everyday this month.

Day 1:  I didn’t draw today.  I know, I know.  Day 1 and I didn’t so much as draw a stick person.  I just closed out my month of learning about the stock market and spent 3 days out of town for work, so this was my first day back in Columbus and October 1st snuck up on me in the middle of a long list of errands I needed to run after work.

Instead, I made my way to Blick art materials in Short North in downtown Columbus and spent 45 minutes staring at all the supplies to see what I felt like buying.  I wanted everything!

Here’s what I bought to get this drawing party started.


Giant paper…because drawing is more fun on obnoxiously large paper.


Charcoal pencils and those smudge stick things that work way better than using your fingers.


Charcoal!  A mess waiting to happen.


Day 2:  Friday.  I typically don’t make too many plans for Friday nights because I’m so tired from the work week, so it was the perfect time to head home and see what type of artistic abilities I had up my sleeve.  I typically set my goals extremely high, so of course, I decided I would attempt to draw a recent picture Chris and I had taken.

Here’s the picture (thanks to photographer/art teacher friend Emily Burlingame) I am going to attempt to draw.

Brooke and Chris 3

Since the charcoal pencils are so dark, I tried outlining our bodies to get an idea of spacing (that sounds very official like I know what I’m doing) but I just used a regular no. 2 pencil.  You can’t really see it in this picture.  It was like I was almost afraid to commit to something on paper.

day 2

I thought I’d start with drawing Chris.  Look real close at the “hand” I drew on the far right of this picture.  OMG!  It looks like a 1st grader drew it.  Chris came home when I was finishing up my 30 minutes and goes “wow, my neck is really wide,” and when he saw the little sketch of the hand he laughed harder than I’ve seen him laugh in awhile.  I had to laugh too and realized how many times I take myself so serious.  Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow.

day 2.2

Day 3:  Saturday morning, fall is here, and Chris served me breakfast in bed!  Can’t beat that.  I turned on some music and got those charcoal pencils out and here’s where we landed today.  I hate when people act like their art work is terrible when it’s decent, and I hate when people act like it’s awesome when it’s terrible.  So I’ll just say I feel like it’s decent given that I haven’t really drawn anything in 15 years (but don’t zoom in too much).

After 3 days, I am already in love with this goal like I was the singing goal….not because I’m great (and honestly it still makes me cringe a bit to put myself out there even if it’s just posting crazy pics I drew) but I am loving doing something that gives me a chance to have my brain rest for a minute and/or something that doesn’t require me to gauge how in shape I feel.

I did what every left-hander shouldn’t do….I started on the left.  My dad said it looks like I have a black eye.  My mom says my eye looks spooky.  Guess I’ll have to try out those white charcoals to see if I can fix the eye situation tomorrow.

day 3