A Vegan Week in Review

Greetings from your delinquent blog poster! What a busy week it has been! The few of you who actually read this are probably wondering whether or not I’ve eaten my arm off yet. (Yeah, no…) Has the whole vegan thing been a challenge? You bet! It’s one thing to make a conscious effort to eat healthy, but it’s certainly another to try to completely eliminate things you really love, like CHEESE and MEAT! Gah!

Here’s the run down:

Saturday, January 3rd: Breakfast and lunch consisted of leftovers (Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal and African Peanut Stew). Dinner, on the other hand was quite a treat! We went to Thai Paradise in Pickerington with Joe’s parents, and Joe and I split Green Curry with Tofu. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a picture before chowing down! It was quite beautiful and more importantly, quite delicious!

Sunday, January 4th: Feeling even more confident with the whole “eating out vegan thing,” Joe and I headed back to Northstar Cafe where we normally “give thanks” on Sunday mornings while playing hooky from church. I had the Sweet Potato Turkey Hash with tofu instead of turkey, and I gave my egg to Joe because his Mushroom Frittata just simply didn’t have enough egg already. I ordered my coffee as usual and then it occurred to me that Northstar only offers half-and-half, whole and skim milk with their coffee service! What?!? I’m not gonna lie, I totally cheated and put a little bit of skim milk in my coffee but I promise to ask for almond or soy milk at our next visit, which I’m sure will be again this Sunday morning! 😉



Keeping with our Sunday traditions, Joe and I then headed to Trader Joe’s. I had already been there the week before to stock up for this big adventure but I completely forgot to grab vegan snacks, so in a moment of weakness this happened…



Monday, January 5th: Along with leftovers, this week started off with a new recipe for Cuban Black Bean Soup. We’ve been enjoying this soup for a couple days now despite the flatulence that undoubtedly follows. :/



Wednesday, January 7th: My mid-week creation was Quinoa-Stuffed Bell Peppers. The recipe calls for sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts, which was a nice change from the stuffed peppers I’ve made in the past.



Thursday, January 8th: Joe and I both had the stuffed peppers for lunch and are looking forward to Aladdin’s Eatery this evening. I’ll be having the Hummus Falafel with greens, tomato, pickles and parsley. Oh My! The falafel has quickly become one of my go to items here in Bexley and it is so yummy! 🙂



That’s all for now folks! Go enjoy some cheese for me please!