Am I Skinny Yet?

My goal for January is to eat like a fitness competitor.  Now, I’ve competed before, so this technically isn’t going to look like a get-on-stage diet for those former or current competitors who may be reviewing my menus, but for the sake of a 1 sentence goal that motivates me and makes me feel cool, this is a month of “eating like a fitness competitor”….

Jan 1:  I am 150.5lbs.  The most I’ve ever weighed.  Not the sentence I wanted to start 2016 with but I’m reluctantly posting it in the spirit of “share my life on a blog and hope it inspires someone in the world.”  2015 was an exciting year and to say I accomplished a lot would be an understatement, but to say I accomplished a lot and leave out the part where a lot of those times I was sitting in front of a computer for 12+ hours (possibly consuming more than my fair share of little treasures in the shape of carbohydrates) would be a lie.

I don’t know if I want to dive into all the feelings (yeah, I don’t) about how that number, 150.5, is making me feel or you guys may email me phone numbers for therapists or never read my blog again.  Honestly, I don’t care about the number at all, I just feel really out of shape compared to what I know I can do and what makes me happy.  I’m aware that weight is a goal weight for most and I do not share it to give you the idea that I think it’s a weight that is too heavy.  I share it as a former gymnast, former college cheerleader, former figure competitor, and wife of a bodybuilder.  I share it as someone whose facing the reality that I’m not in the shape I want to be in and it hits really hard sometimes.  I share it because I can achieve all the goals under the sun, but unless I feel healthy and physically my best, there’s a tiny black cloud that looms over moments of my day.  Be it 200lbs, 150lbs, 110lbs….we all have our point that once we’ve surpassed it, we just carry a little grudge around on our shoulder and cry when it’s time to squeeze into dress pants in the morning.

So let’s skip the “you’re in great shape compared to most” or “I don’t know what you’re talking about, you look great” or the “look at everything else you’ve done, you can’t do it all” nonsense and get this goal rollin’…..

I’ll share what I’m eating everyday, not to brag or show you that I’m nailing it, but to show you that I’m doing this thing kicking and screaming and daydreaming of donuts….but I will do it (and you can too!)

Today’s “feast” included…

*Oats + 2 eggs + coffee w/ milk

*Banana + trail mix

*Hard boiled egg whites + a few scoops of random “healthy” looking items on the Whole Foods Salad bar

*Ground chicken tacos (organic ground chicken, organic taco seasoning, organic blue taco shells, shredded cheese, organic salsa)

*5 ritz crackers with organic crunchy peanut butter on them

*Finished off a little grape juice I had left at home somewhere in there today too

There was some weight lifting and cardio thrown in there too.

Jan 2:  Am I skinny yet?

I hit the gym for about 15 minutes on the elliptical (running short on time or would’ve done more) and then headed to yoga with some friends which was held at a brewery, followed by brunch.  Here’s what went down the hatch today…


*Organic granola bar

*(Zauber Brewing Company) – egg tacos (corn tortillas, vegetables, egg, jalapeno slaw that made my mouth feel on fire) + potato cake + iced coffee

*Organic peppermint tea

*Ground chicken taco (left over from yesterday but only did 1 shell)

*1 chocolate milk juice box (because I am obviously a six year old and still drink tiny juice boxes when they sell them by the singles)

*1 organic fruit bar (it’s just smashed up fruit made into a bar, like a glorified yet less exciting version of a fruit roll-up because there’s literally no other ingredients added)

*7 or so ritz crackers because I ate dinner too early

Jan 3:  After only 2 days my “food baby” has actually gone down a little and I felt pretty good when I woke up.  I’m reminded how it only takes me a couple days before I feel better and lose the general bloated feeling.

Food choices unfolded as such….


*(Northstar Café) Granola + iced mint coffee (I pouted to myself a little because I wanted to order a single pancake to go with it or one of their praline scones that were staring at me while I waited in line, but I didn’t want to have to post that I ate one so I passed on them)

*Hot coffee

*Organic chocolate protein shake

*Ground chicken taco (same taco left overs as mentioned before)

*1 organic fruit bar

*1 scoop of organic peanut butter that I licked straight off the spoon

There was some yoga in there too

Jan 4:  First day back at work.  With cooler in tote, my meals were as follows…

*oats + 1 scoop of organic chocolate protein powder.  It was as bad as it sounds.

*organic blackberries

*Ground chicken taco (the last of the taco left overs thank goodness) – no shell today

*organic orange

*organic peanut butter on ezekial bread english muffin

*Ground turkey with whole wheat noodles and organic marinara + organic green drink which was kale, apple, and lemon

There was some lifting (legs) and stairmaster action in there today.

I hate packing my lunch.  It’s no fun and I have to use a community microwave.