AM Kindergarten

Jan 21, 4:45am….my alarm went off, 21 days makes a habit, right?  With all the similar stories I’ve told over the last few weeks about the mental decision and self-talk to get going, I actually wanted to be at the gym this day.  I had planned to lift chest and do cardio, and I did just that.  I was pretty focused and even got in that good groove on the treadmill where you actually hear several songs you love in a row and kind of don’t want to stop.  Why is it on the days when you don’t feel like being there, the only thing Pandora can play are the 3 songs you wish you would’ve never clicked the ‘thumbs up’ on because now you hate those songs?  I mean, liking “Evacuate the Dance Floor” by Cascada was just a phase one spring, I don’t want to hear it every weekday at 5:30am.  I felt like I probably had one of my best morning workouts so far.  I headed back to the locker room where I passed the same sign that I’ve seen the last week or so which says “men at work” in front of the entrance to the women’s locker room.  I have never seen a man nor anyone at work in there…but okay.  I headed to Starbucks to get (decaf, per my last post) coffee.  I have been driving around for a few weeks with 2 of those Starbucks cups that have the hard straw in my car – I ordered one for me and one for my mom from Amazon but they were both cracked when I got them.  The Starbucks drive thru line was ridiculously long so I figured I’d just see if they would let me exchange the cups there, so I headed inside.  I was impressed to see 4 girls around ages 16-18ish who were chatting and looked to be having a Bible study.  I ordered my decaf coffee.  Starbucks (at least the one on E. Broad) doesn’t brew decaf before 7am so she said she’d have to do a pour over instead….even better!  She wouldn’t exchange my cups.  One of the Bible study girls belched extremely loud.  I lost respect.  I left.  I drove home and saw the same bus I’ve seen all month that picks kids up at 6:30am.  First of all, 6:30am?!  I spend a few minutes every time I see them wondering if these kids will support a theory I came up with (one of many) which says ‘if you went to AM kindergarten then you will become a “morning person” in adulthood, and if you went to PM kindergarten you will become a night owl.’  I went to AM kindergarten (#obviously).  I think I heard from some mom neighbors that kindergarten is all day now, so I guess my theory only applies to those born before 1995.  Second, Bravo to the parents who get their kids up and ready and out the door that early!  Anyway, work was busy and full of meetings, productivity, and interruptions.  I stayed in the office until about 6pm but felt happy when I left because I didn’t have the guilt of skipping a workout because I worked late, and I had left my to do’s in a comfortable place.  I came home and ate an “FU” meal (see last post) and tried to push the thought out of my mind that a friend said the meals look like something you’d pass through a window of someone in solitary confinement.  I would give the meal (chicken, wheat pasta, green beans) a thumbs up.  I was in bed and asleep by 9:45ish.

Jan 22, 4:45am….my alarm went off, it was going to be my first working weekday where I wasn’t going to the gym early.  Once a month, Chris and I will go to breakfast before work on a weekday.  It was the solution we came up with to our insane schedules that we both held down when we were both in grad school, switching jobs at work, working out, and a list of other commitments that seemed never ending.  Weekends became too easy to fill up with other things, so we landed on breakfast at Scrambler Marie’s once a month – no cell phones allowed.  We normally spend the majority of the breakfast talking about how we forgot the coupon we got in the mail – which is the original reason we even went there.  Since our Meals on Wheels route this past weekend didn’t take us that long, we were able to squeeze in brunch at Northstar, so we ended up deciding not to do breakfast this morning.  We made the decision last night, but I still decided I wasn’t going to fill the time with a workout because I had a few work things that I thought would be nice to have done when I walked into the office.  I woke up, went downstairs and got my laptop, came back up and crawled in bed and continued to work for 2 hours.  Ugh.  At this point, I’d rather hear “Evacuate the Dance Floor” on repeat than work on a spreadsheet at 5:30am.  I love my job…but I’m not mentally ready to dive in that early.  I can remain focused (“focus” is a top strength of mine per StrengthsFinder 2.0: and I’m definitely willing to do whatever it takes to get some things done…but it wasn’t fun.  I have a couple people who report to me at work – 1 person moved to a new department and his replacement just started, so that’s why I’ve had some additional work here and there.  Comes with the territory.  So my intentions of arriving at work at 8:15am didn’t exist today because I didn’t want to shut down until I had a couple things “done done.”  Of course, my boss text me at 9am to call him because he needed something and I wasn’t there….I was in by 9:10am.  It’s always the one day you show up “late” that someone needs something.  I haven’t heard a peep the other 15 days at 8:15am.  I was very quickly reminded how I hate arriving that late as I had no time to waste before I went meeting to meeting.  The work day was busy but great, I went to lift back with Natalie, and then I came home to have my second “FU” meal.  I can say I’ve definitely found my routine, because when I did something different this morning…I didn’t like it.  The only other weekday this month where I’m not planning to go to the gym is next Thursday because I have a health assessment in the morning that requires fasting.  Note to self:  don’t fill that time with work, do something I love or something that’s productive in other ways instead.  I can’t believe I only have 1 more week left of this goal/month.  I have been mentally compiling a list of things that will make the “What I’ve learned by waking up at 4:45am for 31 days” post that I look forward to sharing.  One thing that has been consistent throughout the last 3 weeks is the notes, texts, emails, private messages, etc with words of encouragement from friends.  I know my friends are awesome…but getting a text when you least expect it at 5:30am when you’re on a treadmill that says “hope you’re up and at ’em” can really make you feel encouraged!