Avocado Nation

June 5:  Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

It’s Friday.  A busy work day followed by a dinner out and a pedicure.  By the time I got home I wasn’t hungry so I turned to a super easy recipe for the sake of getting one in today.  This didn’t require any sort of prep or cooking which I firmly believe should always be the case on a Friday evening.

-2 scoops of organic peanut butter

-blob of honey

-1 container of greek yogurt (was supposed to use vanilla but only had strawberry in the fridge)

Stir together.  Dip fruit in.  Feel healthy.

It was good.  It was easy.  I ate it the next day by dipping strawberries in it.  I’ve made something slightly similar in the past but I’ll call it different enough to justify how it doesn’t qualify as cheating on the “new” recipe a day goal.

yogurt ingredients


June 6:  Chicken Avocado Lime Soup (cause everybody loves a hot soup in June ::sigh::)

I got caught up in a Pinterest picture and having some of these ingredients “on hand” so yes, I made soup in June.  I’ll start with ingredients and move to crowd appeal and photos.

-2 avocados (from the 4 I bought on day 1) which were finally ripe

-1 container of organic chicken broth

-3 green onions (should’ve used more)

-1 clove of garlic (I was supposed to use 2, oops)

-salt & pepper (I mistakenly grabbed chili pepper and dumped some in. No comment)

-juice of 1 lime

-rotisserie chicken (I knew this would taste better than any chicken I would make.  I just cut the skin off and saved myself 2 dishes and 20 minutes worth of work.)

-cumin (no specific measurement. You’re welcome)

-1 tomato

-cilantro (random tossing in of cilantro leaves)

-jalapeno (which I didn’t put in because I was convinced I didn’t like jalapeno)

I added olive oil and the green onions in 1 large pot.  After a few minutes I added the too-little amount of garlic.  I then added the broth and everything else (except the avocado).  Brought it to a boil for 10 minutes-ish and then added the avocado and let it simmer for 5 minutes-ish.  It said to serve with tortilla chips so I added some organic ones on a plate next to the soup.  The presentation was fab.  The flavor….not so much.

This dish wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t anything.  Chris probably described it best by saying “I feel like I’m just eating chicken, avocado, and tomato floating in water.”  That was after he asked me what I flavored it with (insinuating the lack of flavor).  I hadn’t laughed that hard in about a week – his attempt to not hurt my feelings while simultaneously inquiring about recipes gone wrong is an art he’s obviously mastered after nearly 7 years of marriage.  I consider it a worth while dish based on the laughs.

I think my lack of measurements leads to smaller portions of things that are supposed to give it flavor.  Oh well.

I couldn’t tell you why there’s a green pepper in this picture.  I guess I got too excited when taking the photo that I just started adding random produce from the fridge.  It did not go in the soup.  Not pictured: chili pepper that I accidentally added thinking it was regular pepper.

soup ingredients

There’s no significance of these 2 items being together in their own photo other than the fact that I forgot to add them to the original pic of ingredients.  I was too carried away with unnecessary green peppers, I guess.

soup ingredients 2



soup in bowl

June 7:  Guacamole

This recipe is brought to you by my ongoing catering to the avocados I bought on day 1.

I’m not trying to brag or anything (yes I am), but I’m pretty much an expert at making homemade guacamole ::applause, applause::  Sticking to my plan, all of these recipes are new to me, so I’ve never actually made guacamole before today – but I’m still licking my chops over it.  Even better, it required no actual “cooking.”  Here’s the secret to this magic little dish….

-2 avocados (it’s amazing how a ripe avocado actually tastes good (see day 1 blog post), I’d recommend using 3 so you make more which I wish I would’ve done and was actually recommended in the original recipe)

-1/3 of a red onion chopped up (use more if you go with 3 avocados)

-cilantro (I still don’t know if you are supposed to just tear the little leaves off or cut it up including the stems so I have yet to measure cilantro.  I just tore up a bunch of little cilantro leaves and dropped them in)

-chopped up jalapeno (I got over my bias from yesterday on jalapenos)

-juice of 1 lime

-juice of 1 lemon (minus the majority that sprayed out the side onto my cabinets and floor)

Smash it all together with a potato smasher.  Put in pretty bowl.  Brag to friends.

Avocado ingredients


Special note:  I wanted to do super artsy/perfectly staged photos of ingredients and dishes this month but balancing life and avocado photo shoots gets a little tight sometimes.  So please ignore the glare of our overhead lighting on some of these pics this month and do your best to pretend like they look like something out of Food & Wine magazine.