Bexley, Alum Creek Greenway Trail & Gahanna Woods….or not.

July 6th: The last couple of days I’ve felt like I’m getting a cold, so I’ve been taking Airborne in hopes to fight it off. This morning I woke up feeling sick and was experiencing serious jet lag. My original hope was to walk through Bexley, but I didn’t make it out of Eastmoor. When I have jet lag I experience extreme exhaustion and get light headed to the point I feel like I might pass out. It simply wasn’t safe to go for a bike ride or get too far away from home today. There was a serious storm while we were in London and several very large tree branches fell in our backyard, so I tried to remove as much of those as I could today and that’s about as much “walking” as I could do.

July 7th: I started the morning off with a bike ride through Bexley (to make up for yesterday) and then headed South on the Alum Creek Greenway Trail. This trail travels along the river from Westerville to Three Creeks Park and has two major sections, the Westerville to Easton trail (my route today) and Nelson Park to Three Creeks Park trail (my route tomorrow). A final central segment from Easton to Nelson Park is under development and will connect the entire 19 mile trail. I stopped long enough to take this tired selfie and got creeped out because I thought some guy that I had passed earlier on the trail was following me so I turned around to ride through Bexley again and head home. Due to all the rain and yard work I’ve been doing over the last couple of months, sadly, this was the first I’ve been on my bike all summer! My bum will be aching tomorrow for sure!


July 8th: I woke up feeling like absolute crap this morning, but after drinking warm lemon water, tea AND coffee I was able to push through a bike ride through Bexley and on the Alum Creek Greenway Trail heading North through Nelson Park. I’m grateful the rain stayed away long enough to enjoy a nice peaceful ride this morning, albeit a painful one. As predicted, I have the typical “first ride of the season tail bone ache.” :/ On a more positive note, I’m really grateful we have such a great trail a hop, skip and a jump away from our house that reaches miles and miles around the city in either direction. I could technically ride my bike to Ohio Dominican’s campus if I really wanted to!


July 9th: This day turned out to be much busier than I had originally expected it to be. My hope was to take an evening walk in Gahanna after work, possibly over by Creekside or in Gahanna Woods, which I have never explored. I woke up this morning and had to drive all the way to Brookville for a dentist appointment, then I met my mom in Springfield for lunch. I headed back to Columbus for a couple staff meetings at MTMS and then had to drive to MTMS Polaris to teach. With all of the rain coming and going, the adjustments to my evening plan and the fact that I was feeling like absolute crap from this cold, I didn’t make it back to Gahanna as I had hoped. I’ll try to include Gahanna Woods or Creekside Park in my walk tomorrow…Gals With Goals Fail! :/