Building a Website, Days 9-15

Friday, October 9th: After a birthday lunch with Laura, Audrey, and Violet I stopped by Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack before work to do a little dress shopping for new headshots. In-store shopping was a total failure because they didn’t have the selection that was available online. I’m going to keep looking and probably end up taking a chance and ordering something online.

Saturday, October 10th: This evening I ended up submitting two online orders for headshot/future recital dresses. I also wrote my full biography for the website. I have several versions of my bio for various things, but for the website I need a comprehensive bio.

Sunday, October 11th: In between my lessons today, I kept reading The Savvy Musician for more helpful tips. In the evening I copied and reformatted my dissertation abstract to include on my website. The Savvy Musician has been so helpful in solidifying the image I want to convey with my site. I hope to build a site that is traditional, sophisticated, professional, yet personable and fun and user-friendly for my students. Clarifying the goals of the website is also at the front of my mind. I want the site to have a clear purpose and make sure visitors are engaged and have a reason to return by providing free information, helpful forums, tips for practicing effectively, marketing music, a community for flutists, etc. My goals is to also attract new clients and increase name recognition.

Monday, October 12th: This morning I made a pdf copy of the Flute Talk magazine article I wrote back in 2008. Now I just need to double check copyright laws to see if I am allowed to include it on my site to share with my students.

Tuesday, October 13th: Today’s project was working on my discography page. Sadly, I’ve only done two recordings that I can remember, but that will soon change thanks to Brooke’s December challenge! 😉

Wednesday, October 14th: One page on my website will focus specifically on teaching. I emailed my flute students and parents today for testimonials to post on the website. One of my dresses arrived in the mail today and it fits great! All I need to do is schedule an appointment to have it altered for length.

Thursday, October 15th: Emails from students and parents who are eager to write testimonials for my website are pouring in! I also scheduled headshots for Joe and I over Thanksgiving break, which means my site with hopefully launch at the beginning of December. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on daily projects to make sure that I can launch the website the second I have completed photographs. I knew that being a musician would require discipline, vision, and creativity, but I can’t say I was fully prepared to be a businesswoman who markets products, builds a brand, on top of performing and attracting an audience.