Burning Peas and Eating Scones

Jan 25, 4:45am…my alarm went off, last week of this nonsense.  The snow did come in overnight as the weather peeps predicted, so I knew it was going to be a slow drive to the gym.  I also knew I’d be doing us a favor if I actually shoveled the driveway before I left rather than pack it down and make it harder for Chris to shovel later.  So at 5:30am I was outside in my gym clothes, coat, and some rain boots shoveling the driveway (pic below).  I didn’t check the temperature to have an official number for you – but go outside in the freezing cold and shovel at 5:30am…I promise you’ll be awake by the end!  Bonus…if you’re over 30…you’ll probably have a sore back by the time it’s over too.  I can say it was actually beautiful with just the light off our outdoor lights with perfect snow and no one around and that awesome silence before everyone starts leaving for work…but that’s coming out a little cheesier than I typically write.  I knew my workout was only going to last 30 minutes with the whole shovel situation, but 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes so I still went.  I just hit the treadmill this morning because I was lifting legs with Natalie in the evening.  I nearly bit the dust when I left the gym, and then I headed home to find Chris shoveling a second time (combination of perfectionist and the additional inch of snow since 5:30am).  He thanked me when I got out of my car for shoveling the first time – a habit he does often when I do things like that.  Maybe it’s from the heart, or maybe it’s trickery to get me to keep doing these things, but I appreciate after 6 years of marriage he still thanks me for the little things (and I thought the beautiful snow comment sounded cheesy).  I watched the news for longer than usual because I knew there was no point in leaving early for work with traffic.  I hated getting to work a little after 9am, but I knew I probably would’ve sat in traffic longer and only arrived 10 minutes earlier even if I left an hour earlier.  Plus, I wouldn’t have been able to watch the news clip where they said you need extra time to get snow off your car if you park outside…and then proceeded to take snow off a car as an example.  Little meetings today at work, lifted with Natalie, and now home under a heated blanket.  Tomorrow morning is another “triple threat” (I just made up that name for it) type of workout day.  Lifting and cardio in the morning and an hour and a half Zumba hip hop class in the evening.  Plus my work schedule is booked with meetings every hour.  While exhausting, I thrive better on those types of days.  As a side note, I have had a couple people ask me if I’ve lost weight throughout this month.  Not because they’ve seen me, but they just read my blog and wondered.  Given that you’ve read about my workouts everyday, you’d probably think I’m beach body ready and in the best shape of my life (well, as good of shape as 26 days can give you even though I’ve always worked out prior to this).  Let’s just say…the ole’ cliche phrase…”you can’t outwork a bad diet” is applicable.  I don’t know that I have the energy or drive to make this blog post about diet too, but the short version is:  you can workout like a crazy person and if your diet isn’t at least 80% clean, you’re really only keeping off maybe 2-3lbs.  I’m discounting all the mental benefits that come with working out and just straight up talking body shape.  I didn’t set this goal to lose weight per se.  I know how to accomplish that and would’ve focused a lot more energy on eating clean (I’d say I eat about 60-70% clean….it’s a balance I’m fine with on some level because I haven’t changed it yet, but I know I could do better).  Anyway, I don’t know why it took until day 25 and a couple people asking if I’ve lost weight for me to share my real purpose.  I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it.  I was slipping into a routine in the last 5-6 months of 2014 where I was just waking up later and later and my motivation to get up and get moving was just blah.  I kept telling myself I’d do something different the next week, or get up earlier the next day, or do this that and the other and I didn’t even believe myself anymore.  So any fitness progress I’ve made is just a bonus.  But if you leave this post with nothing else, just know my mom told me last weekend I looked skinnier.  #winning

Jan 26, 4:45am…my alarm went off, I knew it was a full day ahead.  There was no time for avoiding it or feeling overwhelmed.  I hit the gym and did a shoulder workout and some cardio.  As mentioned above, I had a meeting every hour of my workday, and then headed to Zumba for an hour and a half.  Since I’m writing this post a day later, it’s like I don’t even remember what happened other than those things.  I know that I woke up with sore knees and that pain continued all the way through Zumba – you know it’s bad when I actually came home and iced them.  Nothing worth noting on day 26 other than….I’ve been doing this for 26 days.

Jan 27, 4:45am….my alarm went off, when you’re on day 27 out of 31….you’re getting up…even if it’s 9 degrees and your knees are screaming at you.  I went to the gym for a chest workout and decided to ride the bike for my cardio.  They say (whoever “they” is) the bike is the easiest on your knees.  It’s always my last choice for cardio.  Well, a true bike, like the kind you use in a spinning class is my official last choice – like anyone can say those seats don’t hurt in ways you don’t want to blog about.  So I rode the recumbent bike and decided to plug my headphones into the attached TV instead of doing mental choreography to Pitbull’s “Fireball” song (my hope is to make up a routine I can teach my Mom and Grandma that we would do while in Vegas this summer prior to playing my favorite slot machine, which is called “Fireball”).  I watched the news while I rode the bike and saw a news story about a fire in New Albany.  By the time I was done, I glanced down to see that I had burned probably enough calories to work off a pea.  I knew there was a reason those bikes are my last choice.  I don’t even like peas.  I went through Starbucks to get a coffee, and let’s just say somehow a scone made it’s way into my car.  27 days in and that scone picture on the menu just got to me.  Once home, I turned on the TV and the news was doing a rerun of the fire story.  I decided to log onto my work laptop for about 45 minutes to get some things out of the way before I got in the office.  I’m realizing that even if I’m not in my work building by my self-appointed 8:15am time, if I’ve logged on and gotten some mental control of some things early in the day then arriving closer to 9am doesn’t leave me feeling as flustered…even though I still hate arriving that late on some level.  I had to make some trade offs along the way this month on how to continue shifting my work start time to accommodate hitting the gym.  I’m still figuring out some of those details so that I can carry these early mornings into other months.  I think the answer is, there’s no right answer.  I think everyday brings different workloads so sometimes I need to be in the office by 8am, some days I need to not have interruptions and can log on at home and get there at 9am.  Anyway, I showered, came downstairs to leave, and saw the 3rd rerun of the fire news story was on.  Tomorrow morning I have a health assessment for work which requires fasting, so my plan is to wake up and do some work before I head into the office.  That leaves me with 3 more early mornings, only 1 of which will include a workout.  I’ve practically done it.  The confidence I have in my ability to wake up early when I want to has officially been achieved!  I will be posting 2 or 3 more times regarding my early morning woes and then it’s onto my February goal….learning to write code.  See ya in the AM!