Candy Coded

Feb 12….a Thursday.  After a pretty busy week at work so far I was headed to lift with my trainer in the evening.  After lifting, staying for cardio, and making a pit stop for Valentine’s treats for my coworkers…I didn’t even get home until 9pm.  Theme of the week.  By the time I did all the end-of-the-day stuff it was 10pm.  I decided to go a different route with coding and watch 30 minutes worth of youtube videos on how to code.  I figured if I was too tired to type it out myself, I could at least listen to someone teach me.  I simply typed “learning PHP” into the search field and watched the first few videos that came up.  Every video brought a different teacher with a different accent, but I was encouraged to see all of the things I’ve learned in 11 days are what they were covering.  Since I’m only doing 30 minutes a day, it never hurts to have a refresher.

Feb 13….Valentine’s Day Eve.  Busy work day (I know, I say that a lot) and then I headed to a coffee shop some friends rave about while I waited for Angela and Joe to meet me for dinner at Third and Hollywood.  The coffee lived up to it’s reputation and the restaurant provided that trendy/perfect lighting type of environment for us to catch up on this whole Gals with Goals thing we’ve created.  We decided we were loving it as of 1.5 months in!  Thanks to all you peeps out there who keep reading our stories as it truly keeps us going!  I was home close to 9pm and it was like a re-run of last night.  It was Friday night, I was overly stuffed from dinner, and it was around 10pm and I still needed to get my coding in.  I turned to youtube again.  I was so proud of myself for about 20 minutes because I could’ve sworn I caught an error in the code one of the instructors typed – but Chris confirmed I was wrong and the instructor was right.  I noticed he left out the php when you’re supposed to type <?php but apparently if you save the file as a .php then you can leave that out.  I felt a little guilty that I wasn’t coding myself, but I’ll say the videos are a nice way to mix things up.  I mean….other than Chris….who else is typically coding at 10pm on a Friday anyway?  Especially after stuffing their face with a Chocolate Pot de’ Creme after dinner (don’t tell my trainer).  I wrapped the coding portion of the night by watching a couple other videos specifically related to the Girls Who Code organization (see previous post).  It really is pretty cool and if you read this and have a younger daughter you should definitely check it out.  I was intrigued when I heard the CEO of Girls Who Code say “teach a boy to code and he’ll teach no one, teach a girl to code and she’ll teach 3 others” (no offense guys).

Feb 14.…Happy Valentine’s Day!  My favorite holiday.  We celebrated the festivities with gifts and brunch at The Pearl.  I tried a few weeks ago to get dinner reservations at all the top restaurants in Columbus but apparently you have to plan 4 weeks out in this city instead of 3.  So the hair appointment I strategically scheduled for 3pm so that I’d be all dolled up and looking cute for dinner was good in theory, but let’s just say I got my hair curled to just come home and eat too many gummy hearts and write code.  Of course I didn’t come straight home and log on, I procrastinated coding until 9pm.  I’m not a procrastinator in real life, just with things I don’t want to do.  Wait, I guess that’s every procrastinators excuse?!  I really need to stop doing that with coding though.  I told Chris yesterday that coding is just…..annoying.  Actually, it’s fascinating (that may be a little over stated) but the stars have to align just right.  No TV, no interruptions, music helps, fully charged laptop, lack of guilt that you should be working on other things, a time that’s not passed your bedtime, a comfortable place to sit, etc.  Chris and I actually oftentimes refer to the scene in the movie “The Social Network” where talking to the guys (yes, I think it was all guys and no girls) who are coding is discouraged and they refer to it as “he’s wired in” when others will try to talk to them.  I can totally see why they say that.  You try to write code or find an error in existing code and see how well it works out for you when you’re interrupted.  I get it now.  So I hopped back in codecademy before I strayed too far by just watching videos on coding.  I got totally stuck tonight.  Lesson learned – if I’m in the middle of a lesson on codecademy, just finish it out before I log off because jumping back in mid-lesson the next day is impossible.  It’s like I learn a few new things and then when they have you do it on your own I have a habit of logging off.  Well, 24 hours later when I log back on I’m like “uh? they never taught me this.”  I am stuck on while loops, specifically the screen where they have you using endwhile.  Endwhile sounds like some proper form of English or language that you’d find in Shakespeare or some other fancy poem your junior literature teacher would make you read outloud to your class.  Maybe using “endwhile” in my code is my poetic form of code on Valentine’s Day?  If so, I failed.  I even tried cheating tonight by having my iPad propped up ever-so-slightly on a pillow next to my laptop so I could google some examples that I could type in codecademy.  I failed at even googling it.  I guess I’ll have to have Chris teach me that one tomorrow.  echo “XOXO”;