Carrie Lynn, Karrie Anne, Virginia Faye & Charles Lovely

Continuing my May goal of hand writing a letter to someone each day, these are the individuals I wrote to this week…

May 4:  Carrie Lynn

How this character arrived in my life:  Carrie was the administrative assistant in the first department I worked in when I started at Nationwide.  I met her within the first 15 minutes on my first day at the company when she handed me my laptop with a post-it on it with my username and password.  She was so helpful and so personable.  We started getting coffee together, and then we started getting lunch together, and then we started getting dinner together or seeing movies together, and then we became “real life” friends which is obviously totally different than “work friends.”

My favorite memory with this person:  We walked across the street at work to get coffee – let’s just cut to the chase – Carrie fell out of her shoes falling all the way to the ground but somehow managed to save her coffee by holding it up in the air.  Yup, I’m that horrible friend that stood there laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.  She just laid there with shoes over on one side, her body on the other, and her coffee in perfect condition up in the air.  I am still laughing as I type this out.  It just all happened in slow motion but yet so fast there was nothing I could do to help.   Special note:  I did later have bad karma by falling on all fours in a restaurant on a day I was overly confident about how I looked in new wedge shoes, and yes, Carrie was with me to witness it.

One word to describe this person:  Empathetic

What I admire about this person:  Carrie’s ability to make friends is like no one I’ve ever seen.  She could be in a training session or a random meeting or a random happy hour and she is friends with everyone by the end of the day with plans for the next event.  She is not competitive in nature with people, she is open armed to whoever comes her way, and she remembers the things you tell her.  When I moved to Columbus and needed random things like OSU football tickets, or a person to do some sort of home service, etc, Carrie always had a person.  She always knew someone who knew someone and wasn’t afraid to call that someone and connect you.  Her circle of friends reaches wide and her approach to friendship is one that is loyal, empathetic, and fun.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  Carrie is always up for anything.  If you have an idea, she’s quick to say “sure, I’ll go.”  She recently moved to Texas due to her husband’s job change, and I admire her bravery in following him and starting a new life in a different state.  She has a huge love for the Lord.  She let me in her women’s small group even though I didn’t go to her church – it allowed me to meet a whole new group of cool people.  She’s an easy laugh – she laughs at nearly all of my jokes which makes me happy and like her more.  She loves coffee.  Her heart is huge.  She was the only person who came to the Columbus marathon when I stupidly decided to run (“run” is a loose term) the whole thing and found a random 20-something mile marker to stand by and cheer me on when I limped by in misery.  She is so down to earth that when we play “what would you do if you won the lottery,” Carrie’s first answer is always some non-sense about not buying a big mansion and donating the money instead.  She has served as my go-to phone call, text, or coffee chat when I’ve lost perspective in life.  She loves hard.  My life in Columbus is better because Carrie has been a part of it!

Picture from Carrie’s bachelorette party (she’s not the type to randomly wear a crown around town on a normal basis)


May 5:  Karrie Anne

How this character arrived in my life:  It’s almost like she just appeared.  I can’t remember the day we met or some sort of formal handshake or awkward hug, but she just became my friend and it’s like she was always there.  Actually, Campus Crusade for Christ at Ohio University is what brought us together.  We were both a part of Crusade and our circle of friends just merged and next thing you know Karrie was a regular part of my days, events, and plans in college.

My favorite memory with this person:   One (week)night in college, Karrie, Jen, and I decided to stay up all night…literally, the entire night without a wink of sleep, and told each other our life stories.  I’m pretty sure I’m still tired.  I have no idea why we did this, but we basically went around in a circle and started with birth and talked about all the places we’ve lived, our parents, sports we did, how we ended up at OU, etc.  I would love to say I could recall every detail from Karrie’s life, but all I know is, she looked just as tired as I did the entire time.  I feel like I remember her sitting in a bean bag chair at the time too.  A sign of the times.

One word to describe this person:  Calming

What I admire about this person:  So many things, ugh, which one do I say?  I’ll say 2 because I’m making up the rules to this blog.  1.  She is SO smart!  You know that friend that you would call if you were stuck in a trivia game and were about to win $1,000,000 if you could come up with the right answer and the topics are anything from pop culture to American literature but you can only call one friend?  I’d totally call Karrie!  She’s an academic, she’s a reader, she’s a teacher, she’s just that daughter that I’m sure her parents knew would get all A’s and she probably did science projects in advance of the due date in high school.  2.  Her love for the Lord is large and shines through her in everyday conversation.  She’s the type that when she says she’d pray for you, she’d literally drop what she was doing that very moment and pray with you and for you.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  We pretty much love all the same TV shows.  And songs.  And jokes.  Somewhere in the state of Washington (where she now lives) she too is crying a little over the fact that Gilmore Girls is no longer on air.  She has creative taste in home decor/setting up a home.  She has 2 beautiful little girls.  She’s funny!  I feel more calm when I’m around Karrie, it’s like she’s never in a rush and has an awesome ability to give you her undivided attention.  She married her college boyfriend!  She makes me second guess my Facebook posts because I know she’d catch my bad punctuation or poor English.  She loves to read outloud to people.  She likes to hug people. 

Karrie is on the far right in this picture – taken during those years where we all were a bridesmaid for at least 10 different weddings.


May 6:  Virginia Faye & Charles Lovely

How this character arrived in my life:  Virginia Faye – called “Mommy” by my Grandma, called “Mammaw” by my Mom and I.  Charles (no middle name) Lovely – called “Daddy” by my Grandma, called “Pappaw” by my Mom and I.  They’ve been a part of my life since the day I was born, but my first memories of them come in the form of visiting them in their former house or being hugged and squeezed by them at the occasional family reunion.  They live in Kentucky and that twang and accent run deep!

My favorite memory with this person:   My favorite memory of my Great Grandma, aka “Mammaw,” would be from a few years ago.  My mom, Grandma, and I went down to Lexington to visit and the weather was perfect!  After some sort of diet caffeine free pop, soup beans, and cornbread, we made our way to the back patio.  There we found a plastic shopping bag tied to one of my Mammaw’s outdoor chairs.  We all thought it was trash, but she proceeded to tell us that the noise of it scares the birds away when the wind blows.  Same reason she had a tiny string from the seat cushion sitting out – apparently that was serving as a faux snake that was supposed to scare off some sort of animal too.  Who knew?!  My favorite memory of my Great Grandpa, aka “Pappaw,” would be from 2 visits ago when Chris and I stopped at their house on a roadtrip.  Pappaw must have been feeling super mushy that day because he proceeded to show us all kinds of pictures of Mammaw from younger days and ask us repeatedly to agree with him as he continued to say how beautiful she is now. 

One word to describe this person:  Virginia Faye – Silly.  Charles Lovely – Strong.

What I admire about this person:  I admire how long my Great Grandparents have been married.  I don’t know the exact number of years, but I know it’s a very long time that has lasted through more kids than the average family has today, good times, losses, etc.  The last time we visited them in Lexington I so admired my Mammaw for the way she took care of my Pappaw.  Her love pours out through the way she serves him.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  I’ve never been with my Mammaw and not laughed hysterically.  I don’t know if it’s her Kentucky accent or the crazy stories/things she gets herself into, but times are always fun when we’re together.  My Pappaw’s voice is a deep Pastor voice, one that commands the room and makes you listen.  My Mammaw tells me how handsome Chris is every time we see her – she talks about it like he’s not sitting right there and can hear.  My Pappaw calls me “Brooks” and my Mammaw is forever correcting him.  They love all their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids so much and always give the latest update and show us pictures that hang on their refrigerator each time we visit.  My Mammas makes amazing cornbread.  My Pappaw used to golf and all I remember from those days were everyone saying he drove like a maniac and they didn’t want to ride with him to the course.  Their house is always extremely clean.  They always mix me up with my Mom.  They love their daughter (my Grandma) so much.  Their last name is Lovely.

Mammaw Pappaw