The Fourth Bedroom

My goal for August is to decorate our fourth bedroom.  I wouldn’t normally need a goal centered around such things, but here’s some background…

In 2008, we bought a four bedroom house in a good school district…you know…for the kids.  I mean, we never really said if we’d have 0, 1, or 2 kids – and depending upon the day our answer could be any one of those answers.  So, upon our house closing I immediately painted our living room, formal living room, half bath, master bedroom, master bathroom, loft, full spare bathroom, office, and the spare bedroom that you can see right when you walk up our stairs.  The only room that was untouched was the fourth bedroom, because, well,…the kids.  It used to sit completely empty, but when we bought ourselves a new bed we ended up moving our old frame and mattress into that room.  I later put sheets, an old quilt, and an extra blanket and pillows in there and Chris began referring to it as his “nap room” – all the while my mom would say “I can’t believe you have that old quilt in there” when she would visit because we’re kind of home decor snobs.  I guess I was just reserving it until we figured out what we wanted to do with that room (because clearly once you decorate it, it can never be changed) and had considered turning it into an office for myself a number of times.  For now, my mom likes to call it her room and claim she’s moving in with us someday (sidenote: my grandma has a room at my mom’s house she claims is her room too, I guess it runs in the family).

Sometime towards the end of last year I actually imagined what it would be like if we did someday decide to have kid(s) <—I don’t even know why I added the “s” on that?  Anyway, I realized that if I had a kid and they were anything like me, they’d likely be scared of the dark.  They would likely bolt into our room in the middle of the night if they were scared.  And the position of the fourth bedroom would require running by the stairs where they could fall down them and injury themselves.  And then I realized the other spare bedroom that has been painted and decorated for years would be a better fit if we ever so choose to have kids (this is not some sort of teaser…there’s no talk of kids right now).  So after that random and made up scenario….I added this to my list of goals and here we are.  It’s simply going to be an extra spare bedroom.  It’s going to be a glorified “nap room” for Chris where I’ll tell him not to touch the decorative pillows, and a room my mom can feel good about the home decor in when she visits and pretend she’s going to live with us someday.

I spent this weekend doing step 1 which is painting.  Here’s an update of the current situation.

Here’s the sad little bare room it started as…


Paint samples.  Oddly enough, as I was shopping for paint samples in Columbus, my mom was doing the same in Dayton.  When I text and asked her what colors she liked best…I happen to have the same sample in my hand.  Needless to say, I selected one of those because my mom has good taste and I figured it was fate (and a little freaky!).

paint smaples

Paint choice: Polished Silver.  I knew I wanted a light blue/gray even though I am convinced gray paint is like women putting their hand on their hip in pictures.  It’s like I’m so over it, but you can’t deny it makes everything look better.

paint can

Here’s the brand I chose.  Lowes had a $5 rebate on their paints and the girl behind the counter who kept answering with “well, it depends on who wants it” every time I asked her a question (uh…I am the one who wants it, and I am the one who is asking) said this brand would only require 1 coat.  Sold.

paint brand

These 2 little things are must haves for trim.  Don’t even mess with those square shaped trim pads.  My mom introduced me to these little brushes with the tiny handle years ago and they have proven to be the best when you’re trying to hold them in a tight spot/corners.


Let’s get this party started…


Start was delayed when I remembered I had to tape off the trim.  I hate that part.  If it’s a room that has been painted a number of times, sometimes, I’ll just skip that part and say “I’ll just be REAL careful.”  But, this room had never been painted, and, when you’re married to someone who is super organized, clean, and pays attention to detail….you tape the trim.

tape on

Trim…why does it take so long?  Not pictured:  phone playing Michael Jackson Pandora station.


I used a filter on this to lighten the picture overall, so it appears a little more blue than gray (which was actually what I wanted in the first place before I settled for gray).

partial paint

I didn’t use a filter on this picture so I could capture as closely as I could what the real color looks like.  I’m pleased with the way the paint looks, but semi-depressed that the color looks almost identical to our other spare room. <<sigh>>

paint done

Before the paint party started, I did spend a good amount of time circling Home Goods for bedding and curtains.  This is the general direction I’m going on bedding.  More on that in the next blog post…