Cheezes Crust

Apr 9…This day felt like a hodge podge of organic foods pieced together.  Last night, I totally forgot to get my food (specifically lunch) together for today.  I grabbed every small organic food I had and I think this is what I recall eating…

8am – almonds (I needed a break from oats)

10am – coffee with skim milk (not organic)

11am – strawberries, kid size raisin granola bar

12pm – scrambled eggs that Chris made for me in the morning since I was unprepared, applesauce

4pm – fruit strip

I think I had to have eaten something else in there but forget?

5:15pm – lifted back with trainer + 15 (or 20? I forget) minutes walking on the treadmill

7:30pm – 2 ground turkey tacos on whole wheat wraps with salsa

My appetite was low today.  Nothing profound to note other than having organic snacks like a granola bar, fruit strip, or almonds handy that requires no prep made it a little easier today when I was semi-unprepared.

Apr 10…Friday and I’m off work.  I scheduled this day off when I was in the midst of the super busy work week I had at the end of March.  It was the earliest convenient day I could find.  I may be guilty of scheduling my days off around a yoga class I like too.  I had planned to hunt down some super secret trendy organic restaurant on this day too with dreams of fancy pictures of hummus I magically liked or pictures of me standing outside this hole in the wall type of place.  Instead, the day went as follows….

10am – oatmeal – I am sick of the oats + protein powder so I switched to the packets which are still organic but less protein (pic of the box below)

12pm – (Vinyasa) Yoga at Thank Yoga in Short North.  If you’re ever in Columbus, take a yoga class here.  The owner has a gift of teaching yoga that makes you feel like the adult version of a “cool kid” between the location of the studio, the music, and her overall badass yet humble demeanor.  The studio is mysteriously hard to find and requires street parking and walking through an alley to get to before you roll your mat out in a space that’s both small and large at the same time with the perfect number of imperfections in the wood floors.  It makes you feel like you’re a little part of an underground Columbus.

1:30pm – kid size raisin granola bar and fruit strip as I tried to figure out what restaurant I was going to hit up

2pm – I landed at Northstar.  It was close to Thank Yoga and ranks as #1 on my google search of top organic restaurants in Columbus.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you already know that I said I felt like I was filming a documentary while I was there because it required a small rally of kitchen staff to answer my question regarding the organic make up of my food.  This took my mind on a tangent of how much I really would like to film a documentary – an idea I mentioned no less than 5 times to Chris over the course of the weekend.  Anyway, the short version of my lunch was the black bean and chicken chili.  The staff said the tomato sauce, tomato paste, and black beans were organic.  They didn’t reveal that they would be putting cheese on top which would not only violate my no dairy (even though I justify the milk in my coffee) rule but the combo would also leave me with my first stomach ache in 10 days.  I ate every bit of that chili, had a coffee, and a shooting star (carrot, orange, lemon, and ginger juice).  Maybe it was the combo of the drinks that didn’t pair with chili whatsoever (I hate people who say “pair” and I just did it), but I left the restaurant feeling fuller than I had felt the last 10 days.  It was glorious and miserable all at once.  Oh yeah, the chili came with chips too with no comment of organic either way.  Pic below.

2-4pm – a combo of chocolate covered pretzels, fruit strip (I think I ate 2….well…I know I ate 2), and a new kind of organic juice I bought at whole foods (pic below).  The symbol is on the back showing that it is at least 95% organic.  It’s more of a smoothie-type consistency and I’m positive the sugar and carbs, even if from organic fruits and vegetables, is a little high….but it was yummy.

6:15pm – last minute decision to do an hour hip hop class.  Why not?!

7:45pm – 2 eggs + ezekial bread + new kind of jam I picked up (pic below)

My learning for today was around eating out.  In my search for that so-called cool organic restaurant, I noticed that the restaurants who do claim to be “organic” aren’t really 100% organic.  Most of their websites actually say “we do our best to source from local farms….”  “Do our best?!”  What is that?  If you’re a type A personality (I’m in denial) then “do our best” leaves you going…..’so… this organic or not?’  Matter of fact, when I told Chris I didn’t think everything at Northstar was organic he actually said “well, they do their best.”  He even knew that was the slogan too!  I also noticed most places that say they are organic are also vegan.  No knock to vegans, but what is cheeze?  I noticed this trend where vegan cheese (meaning no animal products) is actually called “cheeze” in some places.  Before I actually went into Northstar I stopped at zpizza which is next door which I have heard is organic too.  I read their menu posted on their window and it says their tomato sauce is organic – leaves me thinking their cheese (or cheeze?) is not organic nor is their crust?  I’m guessing it’s a combo of organic and non-organic foods?  I’m making this judgement based on a quick scan of a menu and a quick google search so I could be wrong and since the comments are shut off on this blog you can’t tell me otherwise…mwa ha ha.  I can’t believe I walked away from a pizza place, especially one I could’ve justified as part organic, but I knew it would tempt me to go totally rogue and I’d end up justifying donatos by day 20.  Plus, all I could think about was a concert we went to with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law where they sold pieces of pizza – one piece specifically called “cheesus crust” and had a sketch of Jesus next to it.  Maybe I’ll celebrate 30 days of organic eating with “cheezes crust” on day 30?

Apr 11…I’ve started weighing myself too much thinking that organic = magic weight loss.  I instructed Chris to hide the scale until the last week of April so I’d stop getting it out of it’s current hiding space on an almost daily basis.  In food news….

9:30am-ish – packet of oatmeal, organic coffee I made at home (look at me!) with a small amount of organic milk, orange slices

11am – lifted chest with Chris.  I realized how much better shape I’d be in if I would’ve made 1 month’s worth of Gals With Goals dedicated to lifting with him.  I also re-remembered how incredibly strong he is.  I couldn’t lift my arms by 11:10am.

1pm – egg taco (3 scrambled eggs + whole wheat tortilla + salsa) + another one of the smoothie-kind of juices

5pm – (4 hour lag time before next meal, I should’ve packed something) – we were at Easton so I found myself at Northstar again.  I had the sweet basil burrito which came with chips and salsa.  According to the cashier, nearly everything in it is organic.  She said she thought the chicken was organic, the brown rice is noted as organic on the menu, and she said the vegetables should be organic.  No comment on the chips that came with it, and it just seems stupid for the salsa to not be organic.  I only ate half of the burrito.

7pm – chocolate covered pretzels – I’m officially addicted to those things now

8pm – fruit strip

I didn’t really get in solid snacks today.  Oh well.  I watched the “Forks Over Knives” documentary at night to keep my motivation going and because I don’t really know how to turn off the Apple TV and Chris was upstairs, I went ahead and watched the “Miss Represented” documentary too.  I was a feminist vegan by 11:30pm.

Apr 12…Sundays which are normally designated for yoga, lunch, and shopping (and yes I feel guilty not saying “church” in that sentence) and today was no exception.

10am – oatmeal

11am – (Mysore Ashtanga) Yoga at Lulu Lemon

12:15pm – Look, I’m at Northstar again!  It’s my normal stop on Sundays, but when you blog about your habits sometimes you go “wait, so I went to the same restaurant Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday?!”  I wanted the granola but opted out because of the greek yogurt (avoiding dairy).  I got the sweet potato hash (pic below), shooting star juice, coffee (they had an organic kind!) and an oatmeal raisin cookie that I feel no shame for because it was an “organic cheat” I’m convinced….even though I now realize there is probably some sort of dairy product in it.  I felt a little sad when I left at least 1/3 of the sweet potato hash uneaten because Chris loves that dish and would’ve said “you aren’t going to eat that?!” if he were there.  I ate until I was full and stopped.

3:30pm – fruit strip I had in my bag because I was still out shopping

4:30pm – orange slices

And now I’m blogging so I haven’t eaten dinner yet.  I’m blogging from our back patio with music playing and the perfect weather.  Yes!

My learning for today is….if you really do have a food allergy (since all my no dairy talk has just been a self diagnosed sensitivity to casein which may be fictional), you are a rockstar!  I know of many friends, neighbors, etc whose kids have peanut or tree nut allergies, a friend whose kid has an egg allergy, coworkers with gluten allergies, etc.  Well, I just want to say I have serious respect.  For me to say I’m avoiding dairy and then put some milk in my coffee….there’s no real repercussions.  The mindset you have to have if you have a food allergy or you’re the parent of a kid with a food allergy who isn’t old enough to make their own food choices…wow!  The research, the worry, the challenges with eating out.  I have a whole new respect, and even this piddly blog/30 day experiment doesn’t do you justice!

I find I’m cutting out a lot of my thoughts/feelings/etc about this whole thing in order to not post the longest blog posts ever since I’m including everything I’ve personally been eating.  I’m not going to do that anymore, you peeps can skim and look only at the pics I guess if you don’t want to read all the gory details.  Long posts coming to a blog near you next week…

Trunk Foods Chili Northstar menu Northstar

For those of you still hanging with this post, here’s a fun egg lesson for you.  If you look at these 2 cartons of eggs, which one do you want to buy more?  Probably the top one thanks to the marketing – there’s a sun on it, it says “cage free” which we hear is good, and it even says “certified humane” which seems notable!  No one wants to scramble a non-humane little baby chick.  There’s also a “non GMO” label on it and we all know GMO means we’re going to die if we eat it (in due time).  Well, you’ll notice it doesn’t have the “certified organic” round label on it like the one on the bottom.  So the boring red labeled one is at least 95% organic, and the top one….we don’t know.