Days 1-5, Organize your life around your dreams – and watch them come true

March 1st: During the month of March I will be doing daily website and professional development updates to meet my 30-day challenge. I started my goal by updating the calendar on my website. There were a couple events that needed moved from upcoming to past events and a few items that I needed to add. I had a little extra time in my schedule today, so I also revisited my January goal and cleaned out our closet and dresser drawers. Now everything is reorganized and I have a bag of cloths ready for donation.

March 2nd: I revisited my website calendar today and added blue hyperlinks to each event. By clicking on the link, you can go directly to the event’s webpage for additional information, such as admission fees, location, times, repertoire performed, event description, etc.

March 3rd: Today I put our headshots to good use and ordered new business cards for myself and for Joe that include our websites. Here’s a little preview!


I have a really old stamp that I use to label the music in my library. It’s drying out and only has my maiden name, so instead of ordering a new one, I made labels to update my music.


Just for fun, I ordered some personalized cards that I can use for thanks you notes and other things. I can’t wait receive the order and to start using our new materials!


I also worked on a little recording project day, but more about that later…

March 4th: I made a couple revisions to my full biography today and uploaded the revision to my website. I did a small redesign to add an “About Me” tab with a dropdown menu featuring a short bio and full bio. Eventually I would also like to include personal details, such as a link to Gals With Goals, as well as information on my favorite things I like to pursue outside of music. Stay tuned for those changes.

March 5th: I make revisions to my CV about once a month so I don’t forget things I’ve done. I realized that there were a couple sections missing so I’ve added those and I’m also posting my CV to my website. Stay tuned for more updates next week!