Days 1-6, Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation

During the month of February I will be studying mindfulness and meditation, a modern movement and practice of becoming aware of one’s “stream of consciousness”. Hold onto your hats folks, because getting this energizer bunny to sit still for any length of time with a quiet mind will be an absolute miracle! Wish me luck!

February 1st: For a couple days leading up to the start of this goal, I downloaded a few apps for mindfulness and meditation, checked out several audiobooks on the subject, and also subscribed to three podcasts. This morning I started the day with a simple yoga routine followed by a 2-minute guided meditation to calm from an app called, Calm. This is a simple body scan meditation to help quiet the mind and increase a sense of calm and well-being. I also spent a good portion of my morning practicing for two recital programs I have coming up, one of which will be a musical meditation! Please join us at Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna on Wednesday, February 10th at 7:00pm for an Ash Wednesday service of music and guided meditation.


February 2nd: After my yoga routine this morning, I did a 3-minute guided body scan from the same app I used yesterday. This guided meditation began by having me focus on my breath and then on specific areas of the body from head to toe, relaxing each area and relieving any tension.

February 3rd: Following my yoga routine, I tried a 3-minute mindful breathing meditation from the app, Breathe. This app is pretty interested, because you begin your session by “checking in” with yourself to see how you are doing and how you are feeling that day. Once you identify the emotion you are feeling, you complete a meditation to improve your day!


February 4th: After my morning yoga, I completed a 5-minute meditation on Gratitude from the app, Breathe. This meditation was dedicated to reinforcing my feeling of happiness, joy and enthusiasm. It is also recommended for times of sadness and depression, or when you are feeling jealous or judgmental. While driving to and from work this week, I’ve also been listening to the audiobook, Mindfulness for Beginners. The ironic thing is the author suggests not talking about your meditation…At all…TO ANYONE! HAHA! I guess I have succeeded (for actually completing my goal) and failed (for talking about it to you) at my goal this week at the same time!

February 5th: Today marks Day 5 of daily yoga practice and daily meditation. This morning’s meditation also came for the app, Breathe and was a 6-minute meditation called, Relax, Ground and Clear. This guided meditation reinforces the moments you feel physically and mentally settled and calm. It is used to help relieve feelings like fear, worry or insecurity, and also has a grounding effect when you feel physically or mentally unsettled. With two major performances approaching, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate type of meditation to try!

February 6th: This morning I completed a guided meditation from the Breathe app called, Great Compassion. This is a 9-minute meditation to strengthen your kindness, compassion, hope, joy, and appreciation. It can also be used to help reduce feelings of guilt, helplessness, shame or vulnerability. This guided meditation was divided into three parts: 1) compassion 2) pain & suffering 3) putting others before yourself and it was my longest meditation yet. My mind bounces around like a pinball in a pinball machine. I’m constantly planning and making lists of ideas in my head so I am pretty terrible at this whole meditation thing, but at least I’m trying! Hopefully I’ll make some progress by the end of the month! I hope to see you all on Wednesday for Music & Meditation!