Days 1-9, Decluttering Life

My goal for the month of January is to declutter and organize our house and our lives. I can’t think of a better way for a neat freak to start the new year than spring cleaning in the winter! I’ve picked small projects around the house that I’ve been putting off for a really long time, and I plan on getting rid of a lot of things we don’t use and have been holding onto for way too long.

January 1st: I started the new year by sanitizing all of our towels and reorganizing our linen closet. To be honest, the linen closet was already very organized before hand, but the sanitizing cycle on our washer takes two hours so I needed to accomplish this goal on a day I didn’t have to go to work! Bath towels are really thick, so over time they tend to lock in moisture leading to a musty smell. Gross, am I right?!? If you want to keep your house germ free, wash your towels often and use the sanitizing cycle as often as you can.  If your detergent isn’t doing the trick, try vinegar before busting out the bleach. There is nothing more disgusting than emptying your dishwasher and drying your silverware with a towel full of germs. I mean…yuck! :/

January 2nd: For the rest of the week I’ll be focusing on organizing and decluttering the kitchen, so today I tackled our spice racks. We cook a lot so we have an entire cabinet designated to spices. But lets be honest, we probably all forget what’s actually up there and end up buying duplicates. I threw out old spices and also condensed others so we have one jar instead of two. Some experts say spices never expire and others say spices have a shelf life of six to 12 months. I’ve also heard ground spices expire much quicker than whole spices.

January 3rd: Today I tackled our fridge and freezer by throwing out anything past its expiration date, wiping down all of the shelves, interior and exterior features, and reorganizing the contents. About a month ago, I was reminded of the importance of air tight containers. I had put something in the fridge and the lid wasn’t on tight. When I got my water the next day for our morning workout, I noticed that it had a really funky taste. At first I thought our filter needed changed but later realized it was the ice that tasted like the meal I had placed in the fridge. Needless to say, I had to dump all of the ice from the freezer and replace the baking soda containers I leave in the fridge and freezer to prevent odor. Doh!

January 4th-9th: The remainder of the week has been dedicated to reorganizing our kitchen cabinets. Confession time…I still had a couple of Kitchen Aid attachments, a wok and a giant roaster pan tucked away in our office closet, because I didn’t think we had space for them in the kitchen. Wrong! With a little reorganizing and pitching kitchen items that we really don’t use, I think I’ve managed to fit all kitchen items in our kitchen! What a concept! I’ll be moving onto a new area of the house next week! 😉