Days 10-16, Organizing Life

January 10th: I started the week by revisiting the kitchen and reorganizing our pantry. First, I removed everything from the shelves and lazy susan. After wiping down the shelves, I sorted through the contents to condense items as much as possible, I threw out a couple things, made a grocery list of things that are running low, and restocked the shelves.

January 11th: Today I tidied up our storage area under the kitchen sink. It was already it pretty good shape, so I added a couple items to our grocery list, refilled all of our soap containers, and condensed other cleaning supplies.

January 12th: Now that winter recitals are complete, I’ve been collecting a ton of music from my flute choirs. After organizing all the music, I refiled it on my bookshelves. This is quite the process, because all of my music is organized by genre and alphabetized by composer last name. There were stacks and stacks of music that I collected, so it also required shifting things around on the shelves to get everything to fit in the proper order.

January 13th: In order to complete today’s goal, I cleaned and reorganized our coat closet. I emptied all of our jacket pockets, washed all of my scarves and a couple of our jackets. Once things were nice and clean, I hung up all of my scarves and arranged our jackets by season.

January 14th: This morning I washed all of our bedding and blankets around the house. Obviously this is a pretty regular task, but our guest bed doesn’t get used very often, except by our cats who tend to leave an extra layer of fur for our guests. It’s nice to just freshen things up once in a while, especially if we are expecting company.

January 15th: On Friday morning I clean the entire house and wash all of our laundry. It takes a couple hours, but it’s nice to start the weekend with a clean house!

January 16th: This morning I reorganized our bathroom cabinets. They were already pretty organized, but I went through all of our medicines to throw away anything that had expired and added needed items to our grocery list.