Days 13-19

May 13th: I started my morning off by taking measurements in the space where I’d like to start a raised garden bed. Laura and Violet stopped by for a morning visit and I ran my ideas by her. I was able to show her the work I’ve already done and she gave suggestions on how I can separate some of my hostas and daylilies to create a little more symmetry in various places. We also talked about the sick tree in our front yard. For some reason it’s shedding bark but the leaves are still growing just fine. If you’ve ever experienced this before, please let me know what we should do. I was hoping new mulch would help but so far I haven’t noticed any change and I’m worried because it’s a beautiful tree.


May 14th: We have two plants at the side of our house (I have no idea what they are) that are very green throughout the summer and they bloom really pretty white flowers for a short period of time in the fall. I had originally left these untouched when I was doing all of my weeding the last couple of weeks. Laura suggested yesterday that I cut away all of the “dead stuff” and oh what a difference it makes! I didn’t have a ton of time to spend outside today so this was the perfect little project to accomplish my goal.


May 15th: I decided my time would be best spent mowing the lawn today. The weekend forecast calls for rain so that quickly became my priority for the day. Joe’s schedule is also very crazy for the next couple of days so I wanted to take that responsibility off of his plate so he can focus on practicing for rehearsals, concerts and upcoming auditions.

May 16th-18th: As predicted the rain forced me to postpone gardening for the weekend. We had recitals at MTMS so I wouldn’t have had a ton of time anyways.

May 19th: I added gardening soil and mulch along the backside of our house in hopes extend some of our landscaping around back. I plan to separate one of our larger hostas and purchase one or two coral bells to add to this space.