Days 14, 15, 16

Wednesday, January 14th: Today’s new creation was a vegetable curry with organic brown basmati rice. We’ve made a variety of different curries and I can say this one was very good, but not necessarily our favorite. The recipe called for tomato paste, but Trader Joe’s was out when I went grocery shopping so I substituted tomato sauce. Once I added all of the ingredients to the crockpot, the vegetables weren’t completely covered so I decided to add the remainder of the tomato sauce. I’m really glad I did because even with that addition, the potatoes were still a little tough at the end of the cook time.


Thursday, January 15th: Although I had just made stuffed peppers last week, I decided to try another version, this time southwestern stuffed bell peppers from the same vegan slow cooker cookbook. The recipe called for corn and chilies so I decided to substitute those ingredients with Trader Joe’s Corn and Chili Tomato-Less Salsa, which we absolutely love and use for a variety of different soups and chilis. They were really yummy and had an unusual savory/sweet quality.


Friday, January 16th: Now that I’ve made it half way through my January goal I can say that eating vegan is great, but having so many restrictions is starting to wear on my nerves and my palate. Since its just the two of us, cooking three to four meals a week is plenty with all of the leftovers. However, can I just say, I hate eating leftovers and I only eat them because I equally hate wasting food! Gah! By Friday night I was completely in a funk where everything started to taste the same and nothing sounded good. Our evening schedule was a little strange so rather than going out to eat really late, we settled for eating leftovers…again. Once Joe was finished teaching we went out to a movie and I decided I needed a movie snack (bad idea). I settled on pretzel bites with mustard since I can’t have cheese. Well guess what, they gave me cheese anyways and I just couldn’t resist. My only saving grace at this point was the soft pretzel and “cheese” probably didn’t have any milk or egg to begin with (that’s what I’m telling myself at least). I was completely ashamed so I didn’t take a picutres, and after all of that, they weren’t even that great! At this point, I’m just really looking forward to some meals out over the weekend (even though we STILL have a ton of leftovers at home) and a new set of recipes next week.