Days 17-23, Happiness is…a clean and organized home

January 17th: This morning I washed all of our pillows. We have a front load washing machine so I can only load two to three pillows at a time while making sure they are positioned so that the load stays balanced. I washed them on a normal hot cycle using our regular detergent, but you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to kill germs and a half cup of baking soda to remove smells and/or perspiration stains. Joe and I are notorious for “wearing out” our pillows and just buying new ones, which is really expensive. I was completely blown away by the results of this little experiment, because our old pillows are like new again!

January 18th: I keep a storage container full of gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper and other gifting accessories under our guest bed. With the holidays behind us, I had all kinds of these items that needed reorganized so I can recycle and reuse them next year. I leave the tags on the bags to make sure I don’t regift it to the giver the following year. If I can avoid ripping the tissue paper while opening a gift, later I’ll smooth it out with the other sheets I have and then fold them up together. When I need to prep a gift for someone, I have tons of colors and sizes to choose from! Reduce, reuse, recycle right?!? It’s okay, you can think less of me…I know I’m cheap. 😉

January 19th: We keep all of our extra (now clean & fluffy) pillows in our guest bedroom closet along with all of our suitcases and travel supplies. After travel, these items usually get haphazardly tossed back in there until the next trip. I spent my morning reorganizing this space and now it looks tidy again! Hooray!

January 20th: Alright, you all know that I am a super organized, OCD kind of person. Well here’s my dirty little secret. When I have something that I don’t really know what to do with, I shove it in our office closet and try to forget about it. Sorry Joe, but you are just as guilty here. When he purchases tech supplies or new cello strings, the box and it’s contents end up in the same closet. I finally organized our office closet today and needless to say, it took forever! Let’s see how long we can keep it this way! 😉

January 21st: This morning I tidied up our laundry room. Last spring I purchased some really cute organizers for our laundry room shelves. I just had to straighten those up a bit and wipe down our washer and dryer to rid it of dryer dust.

January 22nd: Today I completed my weekly cleaning and laundry tasks. Luckily, it didn’t take as long as it normally does because I was so thorough last week. I’m looking forward to hosting my quartet rehearsal this evening!

January 23rd: Before heading into the studio for the day, I organized our furnace room. This space is pretty small, so for safety precautions I try to tidy it up on a regular basis making sure that nothing comes close to the pilot light under the furnace.