Days 17-31, Decide, Commit, Succeed

March 17th-18th: I spent the last couple of days reaching out to former students for a new page on my website, Former Students, Where Are They Now? It has been really great hearing about their successes and catching up! I’m really looking forward to completing this page for all to see!

March 19th-20th:  This weekend has been packed with the MTMS St. Patrick’s Day Parties and Recitals and three Palm Sunday performances at Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna. All of my students played beautifully on Sunday at their recital! The crafts I ordered for the parties turned out to be a huge hit for students and teachers alike! Art therapy all the way!


March 21st: This afternoon I drove down to Athens to give a presentation to the OU Flute Pedagogy and Repertoire class called, Navigating the Collegiate Job Search. We discussed where to search for job postings, helpful resources for preparation, how to write a cover letter that stands out, writing a CV and keeping it up-to-date, letters of recommendation, preparing a teaching philosophy and performance samples, etc. I also covered each round of the search, including SKYPE interviews and on-campus interviews. I’m hoping to use this presentation to write an article for Flute Talk Magazine or Flutist Quarterly very soon.


March 22nd: Luckily I remembered to bring my iPhone tripod and I recorded my presentation yesterday. Just when you think you won’t have a use for something like this, someone asks to see examples of your past presentations. 😉 It’s best to just record everything! Today I uploaded the video of my presentation to YouTube so I have it for future use. I made the video private, but for those who might be interested, let me know and I’ll share it with you!

March 23rd-26th: I’ve spent the last couple of days going through all of my recordings and uploading many of them to my SoundCloud account. I posted several pieces for solo flute, piccolo, and a few chamber works. My SoundCloud account is also linked with my website if you are interested in checking it out. (

March 27th-28th: These past couple of days have been full of Easter activities and gigs, but I’ve also completed a couple of updates to the events calendar on my website. Check out my calendar for upcoming performances!

March 29th: I’m revising my Teaching Philosophy and might include this information on my website. I also completed my former student page with the information I currently have. I’m still waiting on bios from one or two students, but I can add their info later.

March 30th: To complete this month’s goal, I’m scanning all of my recital programs and organizing them by month and year. I have had occasions where people have asked for electronic copies so now I have them ready and waiting in a safe location. I’m also working on a Flute Choir page for my website that I hope to link to the MTMS website. I’m hoping to launch that page in April.

March 31st: Along with my Gals With Goals 30-day challenges, I’ve also decided to learn a Telemann Fantasie each month. This month I learned the third fantasy and plan to record the first three fantasies very soon. Stay tuned!