Days 20-25

May 20th: I made a trip to Lowes today for raised bed supplies. The guy who helped me in the lumber department was on his way out the door for lunch and said that the saw was broken. I wasn’t able to cut one of the pieces of lumber, which puts me behind in building the bed. I’ll have to borrow a saw or go back next week to get this piece cut. Along with the treated lumber I also purchased wood screws, organic vegetable seeds, more mulch, and organic soil.

May 21st: Today I focused on another section in the backyard that sides with the neighbor’s garage. We had three overgrown tree-like bushes that are so big they can’t seem to stand up on their own anymore. I trimmed those back and did a ton of weeding in this area. It still needs new mulch and a little more work but it’s a start at least.

Before & After


May 22nd: I added new mulch to the bushes at the side of our house and oh what a difference that makes!  Joe and I leave for Portland, Oregon today to visit Lucas Ward, one of our dear friends and Joe’s friend from high school. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


May 23rd-25th: Joe and I had a really great time in Portland this weekend! On Saturday we visited Mt. Hood where we hiked about 10 miles to Ramona Falls, Mirror Lake and Timberline Lodge, which was featured in the movie, The Shining. Words can’t describe how sore and tired we were by the end of the day. Joe and I could barely walk our legs and hips hurt so bad!



On Sunday we visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland and went zip lining at Pumpkin Ridge Zip Tour, a course Lucas designed and built with his company, Synergo. That evening we headed west to the coast and visited Cannon Beach.


The Pacific Northwest is absolutely stunning! The air is so fresh with the natural scent of fur and pine and due to high precipitation everything is beautiful and green. The moss-covered forests are so vibrant was the most beautiful colors and flowers. Nature and beauty are everywhere, even in the tiniest of tea cups in local diners! 😉 I can’t wait to add this kind of color to our garden and yard!