Days 4-6

June 4th: Today I watched the video Rick Steves’ England’s Bath and York. Since our tour concludes after breakfast on Saturday, July 4th, we’ve made arrangements to stay an extra day but would like to take a day trip outside of the city. One possibility would be a day trip to Bath, England. I also listened to the podcast Rick Steves’ Audio Europe, Britain (Beyond London), Ancient Stones of England while working in the garden. Later in the afternoon I watched the thank you gift Rick Steves sent after our first tour, the dvd Rick Steves’ Europe, A Symphonic Journey and read our pre-planner book that we received with our trip confirmation materials.


June 5th: Today I watched the video Rick Steves’ London: Historic and Dynamic and listened to the podcast Rick Steves’ Britain (Beyond London), Walks in Pastoral Britain. Rick Steves also provides a really great packing list on his website, as well as a packing list specific to women. He suggests 2-3 pairs of pants and 2-3 shirts, but if I can manage to fit a shirt per day in my suitcase, then I go for it. I pack hand/sink washing laundry pods just in case I need to wash something, but I would much rather enjoy the city than do laundry!

Rick Steves’ Packing List

Rick Steves’ Packing List for Women

June 6th: Today I watched the video Rick Steves’ London: Mod and Trad and listened to the podcast Rick Steves’ Britain (Beyond London), Ancient Britain. Joe ordered our adapters for electronics and the Rick Steves’ England guidebook for our extra day of travel.