Days 6-16, A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

March 6th-7th: I’ve been working on several website projects this week so stay tuned for the finished product! I started contacting former students to catch up with them and to get their bios and headshots for a page on my website called, Former Students: Where Are They Now? I can’t wait to finish this page in order to share what they’ve been up to and give them a little shout out!

March 8th-11th: My Vistaprint order arrived so I spent a couple days updating my entire music library. Unfortunately, I only made it half way through my library with the 1,000 stickers I ordered. I made another order and will finish labeling my music once it arrives! I’ve drafted two additional pages for my website, a flute choir page and a page called, A Few of My Favorite Things. Stay tuned for the launch of those pages!

March 12th: On Monday, March 21st I’m giving a presentation to Ohio University’s Flute Pedagogy and Repertoire class called, Navigating the Collegiate Job Search. I spent some time today organizing my materials and preparing my handout for this presentation.

March 13th-15th: My second Vistaprint order arrived so I continued marking the music in my library. I ended up running out of labels AGAIN! I had no idea I owned so much music! I made my third Vistaprint order and hope to finish this project next week! At least the labels look fabulous! 😉


                        Before                                                                 After

March 16th: This morning I continued working on my former student page and finalized my presentation for Monday. I’m hoping to use this material to write an article for Flute Talk Magazine or Flutist Quarterly so stay tuned!