Days 7-13, Strive to Focus on the Present

February 7th: After our Sunday morning routine of NorthStar and Trader Joe’s, I completed a mindful breathing meditation from the app, Breathe. This guided meditation reinforces moments of feeling physically and mentally settled and calm. It is also useful to relieve a variety of emotional states, including stress and worry, and helps when you feel physically or mentally unsettled. I’m feeling a lot of anxiety today for Joe because he is performing the Dvorak Cello Concerto this evening at 7:00pm with the Capital University Orchestra. I know it will be a fantastic performance because he has been working so hard these last couple months! What can I say, I’m just being a nervous Nancy. 😉

February 8th: Joe’s performance of the Dvorak Concerto was absolutely stunning last night! I’m so proud of him and very thankful that Brooke was able to capture this photo of the event! After a brief stretch this morning, I completed a 6-minute guided meditation called Engaging Your Senses from the app, Breathe. It reinforces your moments of feeling physically and mentally settled and calm. It also helps with feelings of sadness, depression, and unsettledness (both physically and mentally). This meditation is quite different than the others I’ve completed because it focuses on the senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch.


February 9th: This morning I used the Breathe app again and completed a guided meditation called Mindful Walk, a 4-minute meditation to reinforce your moments of feeling physically and mentally settled and calm. This meditation helps when you feel depressed or sad, or when you feel physically or mentally unsettled. We have our music and meditation performance tomorrow, so I thought it was fitting.

February 10th: This evening we provided music and guided meditation for the Ash Wednesday service at Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna. My nerves were running high because we have been working on this program for a really long time, and we wanted everything to go smoothly. I tried to calm the nerves by focusing on my breathing during the meditative moments. What a concept, right?!?! Now that this service is behind us, I can switch my focus to the performance I have next week in Tacoma, Washington.


February 11th: This afternoon I completed another meditation from the Breathe app called Be Present. This 3-minute meditation was quite different then the others because it wasn’t guided and simply featured background nature sounds of moving water, chirping birds, etc. It reinforces moments of feeling physically and mentally settled and calm, and provides a relaxing focal point when you need to take a mindfulness break. I also listened to The Daily Meditation Podcast while in the car on the way to work. This particular podcast was a Loneliness Mudra Meditation. I really connected with this meditation at first because it suggested that creating goals for yourself is a source of meditation and mindfulness. Brooke, it’s a Gals With Goals score! 🙂 I was really getting into this podcast after hearing that, but then she lost me when she started talking about mudras, chakras, stones, colors, and “monkey mind.” I just don’t know about all of that…

February 12th: I woke up with a cold this morning, which is the worst possible timing ever. :/ After taking some Airborne, I completed 10 minutes of yoga for flexibility and relaxation and then did a 6-minute meditation from the Breath app called, Commonality of Suffering. This meditation will support your attitude of kindness when you are feeling angry, frustrated or resentful, and relieves feelings of loneliness or isolation. This guided meditation asks you to reflect on ways things change when you don’t want them to, which was quite fitting for a morning when I think I might be getting sick and don’t have time for that. Grrr….

February 13th: Well the Airborne didn’t work yesterday, and I am definitely sick. Blah! I have five students playing solos today at OMEA Solo & Ensemble Contest and of course my first two are pretty much at the same time at different locations. I pulled out my super woman cape and tried to make a plan to hear half of my first student’s performance from outside of the room and then frantically drive across town to catch the second performance. I gave up in defeat knowing that unless I figured out how to teleport from one place another that plan was impossible. I was able to hear two out of the five play, and I know they all played beautifully! Here’s a pick of Samantha from last year and one of Miranda from this year.



I came home to scramble around and get some work done, and then I had to slam on the breaks to do my meditation for the day. I chose the 6-minute meditation call Cause and Effect from the app, Breathe. This meditation helps reduce feelings of defeat, discouragement, or unhappiness. I still have a lot of work to do with this whole meditation thing, but I’m certainly trying!