Don’t follow your dreams, chase them!

Hello long lost readers! I decided to crawl out of the practice room long enough to give you a quick update on this week’s performances and preparations. Last Saturday was such a busy and rewarding day of performances! I had the honor of playing in a massed flute choir performance with the amazingly talented, Jim Walker at COFA. ( Our quartet played beautifully during this concert and received some really wonderful compliments. We looked and sounded fantastic, but completely forgot to take a group photo and record our performance. Doh!(!divertimento/c20ed) As soon as our performance was over Clay and I headed right back on stage for the Michelle Tuesday Music School’s Advanced Flute Choir Performance, and I was completely blown away with how great the group sounded for this performance. The group exceeded my expectations and blew last year’s performance out of the water! Proud teacher moment! 😉 That evening we performed Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection” with SSO and it was such an amazing experience! The flute section rocked this performance and we even remembered to take a quick pic afterwards. WDPR will air our performance on May 16, 2015 at 10am. If you ever want to view the season’s broadcast schedule, you can also find it here: .


I’ve been practicing like crazy all week and even had a wonderful lesson on Thursday with Randy Bowman, Principal Flutist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra! He gave me really great advice on how to move forward in my practice this week and also provided some information about the audition. Resumes weren’t screened for the audition so flutists will be showing up by the dozens! Due to the number of flutists in the preliminary round, two rooms will be running at once. That means I will either audition on stage or in a rehearsal space, which are acoustically very different. The good news is I will have my own warm-up room as opposed to one large room where all of the flutists are herded like cattle.

Despite the fact that I’m physically and mentally exhausted, I feel like I’m playing my absolute personal best! Preparing for this audition has given me the chance to learn a new piece and has helped me reach peak performance, which I wouldn’t have accomplished without a specific goal in mind. Taking those factors into consideration, I’ve already won. In this last week, my goal is to keep my head in the game and stay healthy. If I can keep my nerves in check and deliver a polished audition, then I’ll be happy. Anything more will simply be a bonus. Here are some of the positive quotes I’ve been waking up to each morning.