Eastmoor, Sharon Woods, The Blueberry Patch

July 18th: Today we a really busy day full of work and errands. I took Stanzi to the vet to get a steroids shot because she’s OCD and won’t stop licking herself in the same spot, did work for MTMS from home, checked out Bexley Natural Market (way too expensive), baked a fruit crisp, visited with Mark Massey who just returned from Florence, Italy and attended the Mueller Family Reunion. We had a really great time catching up with all of Joe’s cousins and watching the kids play. Our niece, Zoe, had a great time riding a Power Wheel, which brought back fond memories my Jeep Power Wheel I rode around my grandparents backyard! My original plan was to drag Joe to Pickerington Ponds for a walk after the reunion, but we stayed later than intended so it was already starting to get dark by the time we left. Once we got home that evening, we decided to take a little walk through Eastmoor so I could meet my goal at the very least.


July 19th: After playing at church and grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, I headed to Sharon Woods for a bike ride on their Multi-Purpose Trail. It’s a great trail that’s about 4 miles long and wraps around the entire metropark. Sharon Woods is a mixture of forests and fields with towering oak, hickory and beech trees and an 11-acre lake. Tucked inside the 768-acre park is the Edward Thomas Nature Preserve, named for the renowned Ohio naturalist and one of the founders of the park system. Many seasonal pools are present and provide critical spring breeding habitat for amphibians and other wildlife. I hope to visit again soon to enjoy the various walking paths the park as to offer.


July 20th: Today I visited The Blueberry Patch in Mansfield, Ohio with Ruth, Christina, Natalie, Diane, Elizabeth, Isabella, Sophia, Zoe and Judy from church for our annual blueberry picking. It was a beautiful day that was perfect for picking. The berries were huge, ripe and really easy to pick today. We arrived at 9:00am and were finished by 11:00am! It was the quickest we’ve ever picked yet! I even talked Natalie into a picture with me! 😉