Eye Spy a Jalapeno

First, here’s my confession:  I was out of town visiting my Mom for a few days so technically I didn’t make these dishes on each day listed below….I made them all on the Sunday I got back into town (and yes my feet hurt from standing in the kitchen so long).  So, I got the recipes in to make up for those days but I will be honest and say they were all made on June 21.  Whenever I see things on social media where there’s some sort of 30 day challenge and a few days in people are posting multiple posts on one day because they slacked on other days…I’ll admit, I judge them.  I think ‘listen lady, all you had to do was 1 yoga pose a day for 1 month and take a picture on Instagram, now I’ve lost respect for you because you’re doing the poses for days 9, 10, 11, and 12 all on day 13.’  I’m justifying my situation by my foundational rule that family comes first (like when I had a non-organic meal the month I was eating organic because my Grandpa came to town and we went to Bob Evans…those are acceptable “cheats” in my book).  Those yogis may have been visiting their family too, but it’s easier to assume they weren’t and they were just slacking (which is a very un-yogi like thing to do).  Forgive my flaws.

June 17:  Strawberry Jam

I’ve always wanted to make jam.  I always look at jam when I’m at farmers markets and little quaint shops and imagine the lady with a bun and long skirt who was behind the magic (because clearly that’s jam making attire and clearly only women, no men, make jam).  Jam is another “real woman” thing to make like pie or bread.  I sometimes dream of making jam and putting the little mason jars full of it in baskets for family members at Christmas.  I normally end up overspending on mainstream gifts, but the thought is there.  Plus, get real, my family would be like “uh, so you got us jam? Grrrreeeat.”

-16oz strawberries cut into very tiny pieces – I didn’t measure/weigh these but instead just went with whichever strawberries hadn’t gone bad in the 2 containers I bought

-1/3 cup sugar (sigh…sugar is the devil…I know)

-juice of 1 lemon

I put it all in 1 pot and turned the heat on medium until all the sugar was melted.  I then turned it up closer to high so that it would start a “roaring boil” (that sounds scary) for 10 minutes.

It appears to have turned out perfect.  I plan to put it on rice cakes (yeah, we’re those people).

Merry early Christmas.

jam ingredients

The “roaring boil.”  Pretty color!

jam cooking

Look, it actually looks like jam!  I got lucky…we had a mason jar too! 

jam top

Real life.  I either underestimated the amount of strawberries I needed or overestimated how much liquid it takes to fill this jar. 

jam side

June 18:  Salsa!

Salsa is another thing I’ve always wanted to make.  Pasta salad, jam, salsa….I’m really the All American woman ::brushing side bangs off of face::

Here’s the ingredients and how I almost went blind in my right eye.

-6 tomatoes (what a pain in the a$$ to cut up.  Why did it take me so long?  How are you supposed to chop up a tomato exactly?)

-3 jalapenos

-1 white onion

-1/2 red onion

-garlic – you can see in the pic I bought one of those little containers of garlic instead of chopping (or pressing with my imaginary garlic press).  I just used a tiny spoon full because I am still a little unclear on how much garlic = the point in which someone would say “whoa, this is way too much garlic.”  Maybe I’m just nervous because my mom says garlic should be outlawed.

-cilantro – you know from past posts I just “use until it looks pretty”

-1 tbsp cumin – I hate the smell of cumin

-chili powder that I didn’t really measure

-salt & pepper (not pictured)

Well, I was chopping away through all the fine ingredients you see there in the picture.  Somewhere in the middle of jalapeno #2 I had an itch in my eye.  I didn’t think about the fact that I should wipe the jalapeno juice off my hand first and decided to just put jalapeno juice basically directly into my eye.  My right eye.  The same eye that I just picked up prescription eye drops for about 2 hours before chopping that jalapeno because it’s already pink from allergies.  It was burning no matter how long I held a cold wet paper towel over it.  This comes 2 days after I had a similar incident with peppermint essential oil and my left eye while visiting my mom.  Not a good eye week!

After the sting of a hot pepper in my eye ball wore off, I kept thinking “this is a lot of work for little return with this salsa nonsense.”  I mean, I could buy a jar of salsa…all organic at that…in about 5 minutes, where this chopping business was taking me forever.  I had convinced myself it would be bland like most homemade salsas were, but I was still semi-excited that we had a second mason-jar type thing in the cupboard I could put it all in when I was done.

salsa ingredients

salsa top

Unlike the jam situation, I filled this jar + had a little extra for another container.

salsa side

Spoiler alert:  I put this salsa on the next item I made and let’s just say it packed a punch more than I thought.  I should’ve known just based off the sting of the jalapeno in my eye.

June 19:  Breakfast Quesadilla

You won’t be impressed by this recipe.  It gets a 0 for presentation but a 9 for taste and a 9.5 for healthy so I’m pleased.  I ate it for dinner.

I have made egg tacos before but I thought it was be interesting to do a quesadilla.  It turned out as a taco.

-3 scrambled eggs (my definition of scrambled eggs is eggs in the skillet stirred around, we don’t put milk in them and do that whole bit)

-1 whole wheat tortilla shell

-salsa from recipe above! (the exclamation point symbolizes some sort of pride in the reuse of something I’ve made)

-cheese – just as much as I wanted

-lite sour cream

I “scrambled” the eggs in one pan while I put the tortilla flat in another.  I really don’t know how I thought this would magically turn into a golden brown quesadilla now that I think about it?  I thought by putting it into a pan it would just get crispy and I could do this perfect fold-over move by using tongs to pull it over.  It basically was a sideways taco.  Whatever.  It was yummy.

If you’re still interested in the logistics – I transferred the eggs over onto the tortilla, added some cheese, added some salsa, tried to fold it over.  Put a blob of sour cream on top and realized it didn’t look pretty and took the pics and gobbled it up.

Upper right container is the salsa from the recipe above.

quesadilla ingredients

Looks semi-pretty.

quesadilla cooking

I had already made jam and salsa on this same day so presentation was out the window.  I was starving.  No idea why I put the sour cream on top?


June 20:  Lemon Garlic Tilapia

Yeah, that’s right.  I made fish.  I hate fish.  Chris wanted it.

-3 smelly tilapia

-tiny spoonful of the garlic from the jar – again, still figuring how much is too much

-juice of 1 lemon

-a spoonful of butter

-oregano – I didn’t measure

-parsley – I didn’t measure

I melted butter in a pan and then added the garlic.

I put cooking spray in a dish and put the 3 gross pieces of fish in it.  I poured the melted butter/garlic over it, squeezed the juice of a lemon over it, and sprinkled the oregano and parsley over it.  Oh yeah, and salt and pepper (not pictured).

Bake on 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

It came out flawless….as far as the “fish should be flakey” thing when it’s done baking.

Chris said “it was good” after he ate it.  Man of few words.

fish ingredients


raw fish

Before it went into the oven

seasoned fish

Yeah, I did that

cooked fish

June 21:  The day I actually made all the stuff above.  I have 1 more recipe for today but I wanted to go ahead and get this blog post up and then there’s stuff like life and work I gotta catch up on.  I’ll share the details of that recipe in the next post (don’t get too excited, it’s a sweet potato pancake).