First Shot Free

This month, the goal is to take boxing classes.  Fists up….

Feb 1:  I had been thinking about trying boxing for 6 months or so.  My friends, Katie and Elizabeth, are regulars at Title Boxing and love it, so I knew I had to check it out.  Prior to this month, I have actually stopped in Title Boxing to get the scoop (imagining a tour of the facility, some great information about boxing, watching a class in progress, etc).  In reality, they handed me a calendar of classes and told me to call if I want to attend a class and they’ll meet me 20 minutes early to tell me what I need to know.  I never went.  I felt out of shape and intimidated…as much as I hate to admit that because I want to be super confident and cool.

7:30pm was the only feasible option in their line up of class times for the day.  I was semi-bitter about it all day because it seemed so late and is that awkward timing where I can’t go home after work because of traffic, but I can’t go there straight from work unless I work late.  Thankfully, a coworker told me in the late afternoon she would join me, which made me stop complaining and decide to get excited.

I arrived at Title Boxing around 7pm where they sold me wrist wraps ($5), they wrapped my wrists, they pointed me to boxing gloves I could borrow from the gym (also known as super disgusting boxing gloves that other strangers have sweat in for hours on end.  Never mind the part where I grabbed kid gloves on accident and they sent me back to get the correct ones), and then they showed me and my friend the 6 hits (shots? swings? still learning boxing lingo).

I had nothing to lose.  Your first shot is free (aka first class is free).

So the classes go as follows….

15 minute warm up – boot camp style.  Running around in a circle, shuffling to the side, jumping jacks, push ups, burpees, jumping side to side, jump roping with an imaginary jump rope, etc.  Literally, the warm up in itself can have you exhausted and you haven’t even put gloves on yet.

30 minute boxing on the bag – everyone gets their own bag at Title Boxing and you literally can’t feel stupid because no one is watching you.  Everyone is so focused on looking at and punching their own bag there’s no time for looking around.

15 minute abs – Various ab exercises on the dirty floor.

I did it!  I was sweating like a crazy person.  I was convinced that I had dropped 10lbs and my abs were poppin’ by the time I left.

As I came home with sweaty smelly wrist wraps and an exhaustion I hadn’t felt in years, I felt a little bit of a high over the whole thing.  As I walked in the door around 9pm, I was quickly taken back to my gymnastics days when I would walk in slightly after 9pm, sweaty and smelly grips in hand, and a full body exhaustion that was satisfying and exhausting and fulfilling all at the same time.

Why did I wait so long to do this?




Feb 2:  I woke up pretty cocky about yesterday’s boxing extravaganza.  I wasn’t all that sore and was convinced my shoulders were already more defined.  I got a little braggy about it to coworkers and friends.  I was secretly thanking my lucky stars that I lost a little weight with last month’s goal and could actually complete the class yesterday.

Feb 3:  Soreness found me.  I guess you could call it humility…you know, if you’re into staying grounded and stuff like that.  My lats are so sore.

Feb 4:  This goal is proving to not be an everyday goal like my others.  Life kept trying to get in the way today too.  I left my desk at work at 7:30pm but somehow managed to hit the gym at 8pm.  It wasn’t boxing, but there was cardio to be had.

Feb 5-6:  Women’s retreat.  Carbs.  Bibles.  Speakers.  Jesus.  Friends.

Feb 7:  I am an official member of Title Boxing.  And I got a keychain for it!  I love that little keychain and for some reason it has brought much joy and entertainment to both Chris and I.


I went to class by myself today and skipped my regularly scheduled yoga class.  After a couple days of indulging in carb fest 2016 at the women’s retreat, I needed some boxing to burn off a little something I ate called chocolate bread.  I imagine angels eat chocolate bread in Heaven with every meal – but they never gain weight when they do, their wings actually get stronger with every piece they eat.

Anyway, it was a different instructor today.  It was hard.  10 minutes into the warm up I was winded.  The type of winded you get when your heart rate goes up too fast and you just can’t even.  I had to keep stepping off to the side during the boxing portion.  I hated approximately 50 minutes of the 60 minutes I was there.  I told myself I would never join or come back to a Sunday class.

I bought a membership 15 minutes later.

Feb 8:  I had the day off work, but planned to hit up the 7:30pm class again like I did last week.  Only this time, my friend Adriane fearlessly decided to join (her first class).  I arrived early and scanned in using my official pass that’s now hanging on my keys (next to the boxing glove keychain, of course).  I also bought my own gloves tonight.  I had one of the guys who works there wrap my wrists and I stood by as Adriane was shown all the stuff I was shown last week.  Today’s warm up didn’t have my heart wanting to jump out of my chest even though I was breathing hard and sweating about 5 minutes in.

When I originally thought about taking boxing, I thought it would be a good stress reliever.  I thought I’d think of all the things in this world that piss me off and I’d imagine them as I was hitting the bag.  Truth-be-told, that’s such a distraction.  Boxing is an excellent stress reliever, but not because I’m brewing on people or things who have done me or my family wrong.  Not because I’m imagining some work assignment that is a pain in the you-know-what or because I’m thinking about how frustrating getting in shape can be.  Tonight, as I was punching away in a 60 second burn out (hitting the bag as fast as you can for a minute) I actually tried thinking about something that makes me so mad.  I literally felt my body just fold.  I got weaker.  I felt myself just wanting to collapse at the thought.  I have to stay focused on what I’m doing and clear my mind of any noise.  It’s another nod to my gymnastics days when my coach used to make me hit a spot on the door on the way into the gym – it was a way to leave the problems at the door.

Special note:  I wanted to talk more about trying something new, overcoming intimidation, details of how my physical body feels like it used to after gymnastics practice, and some sort of other inspirational notes to leave you wanting to buy boxing gloves – but my work schedule lately has me bloggin’ when I should be sleeping.  So inspirational posts and the occasional Ronda Rousey reference forthcoming….