Focus On The Present

Thursday, March 26th: I was feeling super sore when I woke up this morning from Sunday’s yoga class at Lululemon and Wednesdays’s toning workout so I decided I needed to take it easy to avoid injury. With the aches I was feeling, I decided to try the DVD workout Easy Yoga for Easing Pain, Relaxation and Meditation with Peggy Cappy, which was exactly what the doctor ordered this morning. After practice and work, Joe and I went to Melt for dinner and then we went to the Drexel Theater to see a movie. We came home to a delivery from Rick Steves for our summer trip to London! YAY! You’ll be hearing more about that during my June goal when I prepare for European travel! 😉 Enjoy today’s YogaQuote.


Friday, March 27th: All I have to say is, don’t eat at Melt for dinner and expect to be able to do yoga the next morning! Barf! Dinner was amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t eat heavy stuff like that much anymore and needless to say, I paid for it today. Since I could barely move this morning, I decided to take it easy and continue with the DVD workout Easy Yoga for Easing Pain, Upper Body. My stomach ache finally went away and I was able to practice, teach at ODU, practice some more at MTMS and go to Divertimento Flute Quartet rehearsal in the evening. Here’s today’s YogaQuote.


Saturday, March 28th: I’m pretty sure our meal at Melt did more than give me a stomach ache yesterday, because I had several terrible practice sessions and played like absolute crap in our rehearsal last night. I mean felt like I’ve never touched a flute before kind of bad. 🙁 I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen and start fresh today, that’s for sure. I didn’t get home from rehearsal until around 11:30ish last night and was back at it again at 7:00am this morning completing the DVD workout, Easy Yoga for Easing Pain, Back and Legs. Here’s hoping today is productive and I can focus on the present. Enjoy today’s yoga quote.