Goal Overflow

Ah!  Goal overflow from November due to wrapping up my partial manuscript submission to send to Penguin Random House on top of a lot of to do’s for work, so I have been a total failure in the December goal department of trying to speak at The Moth.  I’m not being hard on myself given that I did manage to get my half written book out the door, but, I will only be sharing a line (or two) (or three) a day on the last 2 weeks worth of life…..

Dec 6 – Dec 11:  I don’t even remember this week.  A lot of changes for work that are coming in 2016 were announced.  I did a lot of avoidance on writing or editing my book, and never even thought about The Moth other than ‘dang it, I’m supposed to be doing something to get me closer to speaking at The Moth.’  I fell asleep every night at 8:30pm on the couch.  I ate horrible.  I didn’t work out one time.

Dec 12:  9 hours of editing my book.  Headache.  Exhaustion.  Wondering if I can get this wrapped up by my self-imposed deadline of December 15.

Dec 13: 6 hours of editing my book and 2 hours of debating what chapters to “finish off” or just “let go” for the submission.  An hour of doubting all of it and an hour and a half of overconfidence.

Dec 14:  2 hours of editing and an hour of re-researching manuscript formats.  Learned about the “page break” button in Word and reflected on my wasted years hitting “delete” and “enter” on any work I’ve done with a title page.

Dec 15:  I FREAKING DID IT!  I sent 7 essays + an intro (out of 15 essays + intro I have planned to call my book “complete”) to the editor at Penguin Random House!

Dec 16:  I was buried in a work assignment and didn’t leave the office until 7pm.  I refreshed my email 200 times to see if there was an “I received your manuscript and loved it and you’re awesome and let’s publish it right away” email.  No response yet.

Dec 17:  I felt guilty for ignoring my real December goal and read a Wall Street Journal article about The Moth.  It was started in 1997.  There’s something called “the Moth Ball” that sounds like it should be a part of my life going forward.  I’m getting re-excited about this goal.

Dec 18:  I realize that I love storytelling and should no longer classify all my stories as humorous or serious because it’s always a mix, whether verbal or written.  I gave a homeless lady an old purse of mine on my lunch break today.  It was filled with new underwear, socks, and hygiene products.  She told me she just got kicked out of the woods she was living in.  We shook hands, swapped names, and she started crying when I walked away.  I cried shortly after as I stared at my privilege in this life that came in the form of a $20 organic lunch in that moment.  Maybe this should be my Moth story?