Goodbye 2015, Bring on 2016!

Happy New Year, loyal readers! Thank you for following our journey this year! We hope that through our successes and failures, you’ve considered pursuing your own goals in 2016. The final touches have been made and my October goal of building a website is finally complete! It might have taken 90 days instead of 30, but I probably would have made excuses and never pursued the goal at all if it weren’t for Gals With Goals, Brooke as my cheerleader and the encouragement of all of our readers and supporters. After a lot of listening, practice, reviewing how to use our zoom recorder and best recording practices, 2-3 hours of recording, over 100 tracks to listen to and choose from, learning a new recording program called Audacity, and uploading everything to my SoundCloud account for the whole world to hear, I’ve finally finished my December goal of making a recording! If you would like to hear my recording of Marin Marais, Les Folies D’Espagne, visit my website at! 😉

Flutistically speaking, 2015 was an absolute rollercoaster for me. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of my quartet and other chamber groups, had successes and failures in the audition arena, felt so much joy and pride watching my students grow and develop, hit rock bottom because of criticism from colleagues, talked myself out of putting my flute in it’s case for good, and received the positive feedback and validation I needed to remind myself that I am a good flute player, I’m on the right track, and I do have what it takes to rise above musician politics and be successful. Special thanks to Brooke for making me put myself out there and record again. I’m hoping to do more recording projects in 2016. And of course, special thanks to my loving and supportive husband, Joe Joe, for standing by my side throughout this Gals With Goals journey!

2015 went by in a flash, and it’s hard to believe that 2016 is already here! Brooke and I both completed our 12 goals and are healthier and happier for it! We did it! What are your goals for 2016? It’s never too late to take this journey with us! Here’s to 2016 and 12 new goals! Cheers!

My Goals for 2016:

January: Indoor House Projects

February: Mindfulness and Meditation

March: Website Updates & Related Projects

April: Couch to 5k

May: Outdoor House Projects

June: Play Irish Flute

July: Learn about Photography & Photoshop

August: Explore Essential Oils

September: TBD by Brooke

October: Create a Flute App

November: Learn the Flute Parts for The Nutcracker

December: Bake New Christmas Cookies and Candies