Got Milk?

Apr 4…A Saturday in Dayton celebrating Easter a day early.  I talked to my mom on the phone when I woke up and she kept asking me to repeat myself because I sound like a frog thanks to whatever is swirling around in the air that’s killing my allergies.  I’m tempted to actually go to an allergist to find out exactly what I’m allergic to because my allergy app isn’t showing me any sort of trend, but our family doctor quit so now I have to go through the hoops of a new family doctor with a referral first.  Obviously, the smarter thing to do is have watery eyes, a runny nose, and a scratchy voice while spending $20+ at a time on over the counter allergy medicines.  Since today was an official cheat day because of the family time/holiday per my first post, here’s the rundown (organic unless otherwise noted):

9am – oats + protein powder + ginger tea with honey

11:30am – strawberries + applesauce

1pm – Lunch at Coldwater Cafe with my family (none of this was organic) – bread, turkey chili, cornbread, chicken salad sandwich, chips (I refrained from a dessert ::patting self on back::)

4pm – Dinner with Chris’ family (none of this was organic)- turkey, green beans, 1 scoop of cheesy potato salad (::patting self on back for only one scoop::), fruit, wheat roll, raspberry lemonade, 1 tiny chocolate egg, 1 little cluster of frosted flakes (I think) with peanut butter, and 1 similar-type cluster with chocolate and marshmallows.  I’m still impressed with myself for not having macaroni and cheese as I could probably live off just that for the rest of my life.  Once I’m an old lady…I plan to just eat noodles and candy and wear gaudy jewelry, lipstick, and bright colors and gamble a lot.  Why not?!

8pm – Apple + almonds.  I wasn’t really hungry but ate it so I could stick with my 5-6 meals a day/stay on track.  I also have probably only eaten an apple 5 times in my life that wasn’t already pre-sliced.

The day was great and other than my allergic reaction to the outdoors, it was nice seeing family and we even had time to stop by my BFF’s too.  I can’t say I felt any worse after eating these foods compared to organic foods since I’m only 4 days in.

Apr 5….Easter.  He has risen!  It’s a beautiful day.  We didn’t have any plans today for the holiday and are probably both carrying a slight level of guilt that we didn’t attend church.  I’ve spent most of the morning scrolling through Facebook to find pictures of my beautiful friends and their perfectly gorgeous kids.  I think all my friends kids could be models.  My only plan for the day was to recover in some fashion with the allergies, stick to my food plan, and catch up on the normal laundry, pay bills, etc type of items while listening to Norah Jones’ Pandora station on the SONOS speaker.  I also had a great level of happiness when I remembered this coming week is only a 4 day work week since I scheduled Friday off just for the heck of it (“heck of it” means yoga, shopping, and finding a cool organic place to stop downtown – I’m an advocate for taking days off for yourself just because it makes you happy).  Because I’m not feeling 100%, my temptation to cheat on my meals isn’t that high, but I can’t say I didn’t dream of a brunch today with Chris at a trendy restaurant where we’d drink coffee, eat biscuits with homemade jam (I’ve never seen him eat a biscuit), and laugh about life while someone secretly took artsy black and white photos of us (yeah – those are what my day dreams look like).  Oh yeah, my hair would also have a perfect wave to it and our outfits would be a mix between casual and super trendy.  Enough of that, here’s what went down the hatch today….

As always, it’s organic unless otherwise noted.

10am (slow start) – oatmeal + protein powder + ginger tea with honey

12:30pm – rice cake + blueberries (freezing them is the ticket!) + organic coffee + a splash of organic milk (doesn’t align to my no dairy rule but I couldn’t drink the coffee black and am hoping the tiny bit I put in there won’t travel to my arms and make them red.  I’ve been justifying my coffee choices for months on this blog I think).

3pm – chicken + tomatoes (from a can) + zucchini + wild rice.  I was actually impressed with myself with this little dish (pic below).  I ate some chocolate pretzels while I was cooking.

6pm – I went back for more chocolate pretzels.  I then read that it “contains milk.”  I’m totally failing on the no dairy.

7:30pm – protein powder + ice + honey + water (I would normally use milk but didn’t) in the magic bullet.  It was gross.

Since I ate my first meal so late, I only really got 4 meals in today.  I went to bed feeling organized with my food for tomorrow, all my clean clothes put away, etc.  Never underestimate the power of a clean house and organization!

chicken and tomatoes

Apr 6…Monday morning which means I was at the gym at 6am. Okay…6:15am.  I’m still sticking with my early Monday morning workouts and then evening workouts the other days of the week.  It frees up my Monday evening to prep my food or stay late at work if necessary, even though I made a last minute decision to do Zumba tonight too.  The day went as follows….

6:15am – 25 minutes on elliptical

7am – The new cold brew iced coffee from Starbucks – black

7:10am – A splash of organic milk in the new cold brew iced coffee from Starbucks. #nomilkfail  That $h*t is strong without some sort of milk!

8:15am – oats + protein powder even though it was the last thing I wanted to eat and I should’ve probably left earlier for work

10am – (frozen) strawberries + applesauce

12pm – leftovers from last night’s dinner (chicken + tomatoes + zucchini + wild rice)

12:15pm – mint tea from Starbucks *this wasn’t organic I don’t think.  This was strictly an excuse to step away from my desk and thanks to some tea and headphones I avoided the bread, noodles, and pizza I was dreaming about.

3pm – protein powder mixed with water. Gross.  It tasted like dirty water.  It was a new kind that didn’t contain milk so I bought a couple packets to give them a try.  It wasn’t any worse than any other protein powder, but….blah.  Picture below.

5pm – fruit strip while I drove home from a Whole Foods pit stop

6:30pm – left over chicken + tomatoes from last night with a whole wheat tortilla that I ate like a 5 year old by tearing it into pieces while my chicken heated up

7pm – Zumba

8:30pm – vitamin water *not organic.  I made a pit stop at Kroger (yes, 2nd grocery store in 1 day) and I was so thirsty and it looked so good

9pm – applesauce + 1 dried apple chip that was gross

protein powder

It’s 9:30pm and I’m exhausted.  After 6 days I’m already starting to feel so much better in my clothes which has increased my mood x10!  I could actually breath in my work pants today and didn’t feel the need to unbutton my pants while driving just because my trench coat covered my waist (you know you do it too…or…uh….is that just me?).  I think I had mentally prepared for this month so much that my temptations have been fleeting and haven’t gotten to me too much.  We’ll see how the next 25 days go.  I wish I would’ve done a better job of tracking the number of grocery trips I’ve made so far, but let’s just call it 5 in 6 days to be safe.  I go a lot in general because Chris is always eating clean, but this organic thing has just put it over the top.  I’ll discuss in future posts the cost difference between organic and not.  Apparently “not” is called “conventional” according to the signs at Whole Foods.

As for the no dairy piece of this gig….I’m trying.  I think the little splash in my coffee is going to have to stay – I just need to do a better job of realizing that milk is in practically everything I guess.  My upper arms are still really red.

Based on my overall boosted mood the last 6 days – I’m convinced the most damaging thing we can do to our mental selves is to not take care of our physical selves.

Here’s to doing it all over again tomorrow…