Holy Guacamole

Apr 17...Friday with perfect Spring weather and I received my second compliment of the month – a friend said I looked like I lost weight!  I already had lunch plans on the calendar that included going out to eat, so I think you’ll find a familiar restaurant on today’s food list if you’ve been following my blog up to this point.  Spoiler alert: you may see the same place in tomorrow’s entry too.

Organic unless otherwise noted:

8am – almonds

9am – oatmeal from a packet + (non-organic) coffee + (non-organic) skim milk

12pm – lunch at Bare Burger – I had the same meal I’ve ordered all the other times which was a plain turkey burger on a sprout bun + salad

3pm – applesauce (I should’ve packed more/I continue to forget I have rice cakes in my cabinet at work)

5pm – fruit/vegetable juice from Whole Foods (same kind I’ve posted a picture of before which has a smoothie like consistency).  I made a pit stop at Whole Foods on my way home so I bought this and had it in my car on the way home.  I think these juices are giving me slight stomach aches but that will be confirmed when I finish the other 3 in the fridge.

5:45pm – binged on 1/2 a bag of organic white cheddar pre-popped popcorn I bought at whole foods.  Oops.

6:15pm – hip hop class

7:30pm – cookie (pic below) – since it was technically the weekend at this point and since my trainer was technically the one to recommend this bakery, I considered it fine and dismissed the fact that I was eating my dessert as the appetizer to my dinner.  I had heard that Pattycake Bakery in Columbus served organic and vegan desserts, but luckily I didn’t have to drive all the way there to get the cookie – they had some at a coffee shop I happen to be at downtown this passed week so I bought it and managed to not eat it for a few days.  I read on the back of the label that any ingredient with a * beside it was organic.  The large majority were organic…a handful weren’t.  After the dessert, I had my actual dinner which was a ground turkey taco on a whole wheat wrap with salsa.

Stopping at Whole Foods on Fridays after work is helping me stay on track in multiple ways.  First, I avoid going out to eat at Easton and possibly binge eating on chips, salsa, and enchiladas….not that I’ve ever done that before.  Second, I can hit up the Whole Foods on Lane Ave which is semi-close to work vs the long hike to Dublin which makes me just want to stop and eat 5 million bagels at Einstein bagels on the way….not that I’ve ever done that before either.  Third, I’m all set for the weekend with food at home and don’t have to waste my Saturday or Sunday at the grocery.

Apr 18…It was our monthly Meals on Wheels day with plans for dinner with friends from out of town.  The main event was that I fit into jeans I haven’t been able to fit into for awhile ::applause, applause::

8:30am – I made organic coffee at home + added organic milk.  I used ground beans and put them in a washable k-cup (the green kind with the mesh screen) but I did find organic coffee in kcups yesterday at Whole Foods which Chris tried this morning and responded with “they’re alright.”  I had a packet of oatmeal too.

10:30-12:30pm – delivered 13 meals for Meals on Wheels and drank the smoothie-type juice somewhere around noon.  And yes, those are not making my stomach feel that great.  I’m done with those after the last ones in my fridge now.

1:30pm – ran approximately a mile around the neighborhood and then walked the block.  Allergies made it look like I was crying my way through the neighborhood.

2:30pm – Okay, on Friday I was really craving mac and cheese which isn’t a part of the plan so I broke down and bought “Mac and Cheeze” (see old posts for my reference to vegans eating “cheeze” vs “cheese”).  It was a frozen meal made with organic rice noodles and non-dairy cheese.  I was less than pleased when I saw it was over 500 calories while I was heating it up, but more than pleased when I realized I could only eat 3 bites because it was so disgusting.  Ew!  So I didn’t have to worry about those calories after all.  I thought I took a pic of the box but can’t find it on my camera roll now?  I ended up just eating pineapple, a granola bar and organic cookies instead.  I was too lazy at that point to pull a real lunch together.

5:30pm – dinner out at Bare Burger (yes, again) with friends who came to visit from out of town.  Even though I’ve had Bare Burger a hundred times the last week, I did try adding guacamole to my regular order (turkey burger + sprout bun + salad) and now I’m so sad I never put the guac on before.  Matter of fact, I want another one of those burgers with guacamole as I type.  Oh yeah, I had their iced coffee with my dinner too.  I’m thankful everyone was up for going here for dinner because even though I tried to get us reservations elsewhere, it did work out as convenient for my goal that we ended up at an organic restaurant.

I was proud of myself for running outside today….the first time in 2015  (I think).  Lunch was a little bit of a flop but I am glad I don’t have a new addiction to this so-called “cheeze.”  Blah.

Apr 19…A Sunday with my Grandpa in town!  My Grandpa called this week and said him and Karen were going to be in town this weekend, so of course organic eating goals go out the window since it’s not everyday they come to Columbus and Bob Evans was convenient for them, us, and my mom who was coming to town to meet us too!  Here’s how the day has shaken out with food so far…

10am – almonds

10:30am – Bob Evans – since there’s obviously no organic options (I even tried to google it) I defaulted to the healthiest thing I could find which was a veggie omelet which had onion and spinach in it (I didn’t even eat it all…it was just blah), wheat toast with strawberry jelly, and I picked the pineapple and 1 grape out of the fruit dish, coffee + cream (which I don’t know if it was real cream or milk?).  My Grandpa’s dirty jokes/inappropriate comments with the combo of my mom’s perfect sense of humor and Karen and Chris’ laughs made the breakfast worth it.  Who cares about the amount of onions in an omelet when you get to spend time with your fam and are reminded of how you and your mom laugh exactly alike.

2pm – I waited way too long to eat after breakfast.  I went to Target and roamed around, tried on clothes, and bought random organizing-type things and some home decor while starving.  I bought some dark chocolate granola thing which was the quickest organic thing I could find in the store – I had a piece in my mouth before I even set off the alarm in the store with my memory card purchase for Chris that they never did the magic de-activate scanny thing to.

2:30pm – Drank the second to last smoothie-type juice in the fridge, ate a handful of white cheddar popcorn, cookies, and a fruit strip.  You know when you eat 10 things that don’t go together instead of taking 10 minutes to make a real meal.  I was too busy reorganizing our pantry and hanging our new kitchen valance to heat a real meal.

It’s 3:30pm and I’m blogging now so I will probably have a rice cake and some fruit and a real dinner which will likely be the chicken I made in the crockpot yesterday or the ground turkey that’s in the fridge.

I’m heading into my last official full week of this goal.  My goal for the next week and a half is to continue to be prepared and make sure I’m not slipping into a day full of meals that are granola bars, fruit strips, cookies, popcorn, and what I call a “hodge podge” of random organic snacks.  I honestly thought all my blog posts this month would be about the emotional meltdowns I was having over trying to get off processed foods….but no.  Is this because I mentally prepared?  Because I did research?  Because I secretly kind of like shopping at Whole Foods?  Because I have a carb fest of a meal planned for May 1?  Or simply because it’s spring?  Still pondering…

For those wondering about my red arm situation – I did take a photo of my arms on day 1 and will post it next to a picture of my arms sometime the last week of the month.  Other than the milkshake day, they are looking much better.  The redness isn’t totally gone but neither is my dairy intake.  After cutting about 80-90% of the casein out of my diet I would almost consider wearing a tank top.  Stay tuned on that one.

iced coffee pinneaple cookie