Homer, Felix, and Friends

Day 10 – Day 16:  Life got in the way and I couldn’t draw this week.  Looking back, I’ve made it 10 months without missing any of my goals (with the exception of the 1 day in June that I missed making a new dish), so here’s to everyone cutting themselves a break every once in awhile.

Day 17:  Sometimes….just sometimes….you commit to doing something not realizing that your schedule would fill up otherwise.  And when this happens, you end up drawing Homer Simpson so you can say that you drew a picture on a month where you’re drawing everyday.  Ta da.


Day 18:  And sometimes you draw Felix the Cat even though you technically don’t know who Felix the Cat is and you’ve never seen said cat on a cartoon show or anything other than merchandise in kids stores.


Day 19:  And sometimes you draw a cupcake, because you want a cupcake, and because you’re really busy but said you’d draw everyday.


Day 20:  And sometimes you draw a horse because your best friend used to ride horses and you used to clean the stall with her just because you wanted her to be able to hang out with you and it was gross and you hated it and her horse bucked you off when you tried to ride it.


Day 21:  Yes, this is what I’m spending my time doing this month.  Excuse me while I journal about what is happening with my life….   In my defense, my goal next month is trying to get a book published that I’ve been writing, including traveling to NYC to pitch it to editors/agents.  So please extend some grace as you laugh at my smiling ant picture and know I am actually doing more productive things when nobody is looking.  And, look at those ant legs….nailed it!