I Found the Culprit and It Looks A Lot Like a Pizza

Mar 12…I worked from home.  I was on point to meet the backsplash guy for the grout work at 4pm, and when the water heater guy ended up on our schedule for 1pm and the stars aligned that I didn’t have any meetings – I decided to just stay home all day.  Working from home sounds like a luxury, and it is when I think back to jobs where I wouldn’t have had that option, but to be honest it’s never my preference.  At 3pm I wonder why I haven’t taken a real break, why I haven’t showered, and why I’m still in pajamas.  And by 6pm I have a hard time shutting down and moving on to something else.  But without complaining, I sat my unshowered self down and checked things off my to do list one-by-one, including a drive thru visit in pajamas at Starbucks to stick with my self enforced take-a-break rule.  The water heater guy got us up and running and the grout guy got us lookin’ pretty.  Not complaining was easy today – I was by myself all day.  Water heater guy challenged me a bit with his less than graceful maneuvering of the new hot water tank within inches of our wainscoting.  I survived.  And so did our home decor.

Before and after of the kitchen if you’re interested.  And because pictures make blogs more like real life.


Mar 13…A Friday with jeans and boots that I’m sure are a little too casual for the workplace, but I wore them anyway.  My week was productive which is one measure of success in my world, so there really wasn’t much to complain about.  I also had scheduled an hour and a half hot stone massage for  5:30pm this day and only had one real goal – leaving work by 4pm to avoid traffic and have time to drink water out of their spa mugs because drinking out of a mug is cool no matter what’s in it.  4:00 rolled around and I headed out to the garage I don’t normally park in – which was intentional as I knew it would be raining and it was going to allow me a quick getaway to said appointment.  I went to the 5th floor to find my car, and then the 6th floor, and then the 7th floor, and then back down to the 4th floor, and then the 3rd floor, and then the 2nd floor, and then back to the 5th floor, and then the 8th floor, and then remembered I parked on the 1st floor.  Insert complaining restraint.  I was sweating.  A teammate then called as I was backing out with a work related question so I had to stay parked for 10 extra minutes (I don’t have a car that allows for speaking into the air when people call, I’m still old school and have to hold the phone to my ear or have less than acceptable speaker phone conversations which doesn’t lend itself to driving in reverse).  I sat in 0-10mph traffic for 45 minutes.  I arrived at my appointment 10 minutes late, got my water in a mug, and the appointment still happened.  Sidenote – I once had a complete meltdown, including crying, in 2004 when I made a long overdue appointment to get my hair highlighted and when I got stuck in traffic and called to tell them I was on my way they said my appointment was cancelled because I was too late.  If dark roots and 10 minutes docked on massage appointments are my only problems in life….well….then…this blog is embarrassing and a good reality check.

Mar 14…Saturday.  I woke up feeling the way I feel when I complain about feeling “blah.”  The culprit has been identified!  It’s Friday night dinners!  Ah ha!  Many times I will hit up a restaurant at Easton or one of my favorite (unhealthy) restaurants after work on Friday only to have it leaving me feeling “blah” the next day.  I had picked up carry-out from Northstar on Friday after my massage (and ran into Angela!) and while it was healthy (minus the cookie) I over-ate and woke up on Saturday to confirm that my weekend complaints are tied directly to what I eat the night before.  Sad.  True.  I actually did a little experiment last Friday where I had an organic protein shake for dinner and ended up feeling amazing on Saturday, but it never hurts to go back to bad habits to confirm your theories, right?  I hit up Zumba where my energy is 10x better than when I go during the week despite the food hangover.  I did a grocery run and proceeded to eat an unhealthy dinner on Saturday night gambling with ruining my Sunday morning.  I never learn.

Mar 15….Saturday’s dinner (Mellow Mushroom pizza….don’t tell my trainer) left me feeling less than amazing when I woke up.  All signs are pointing to and supporting my April goal of eating all organic.  I met Angela at yoga where it was a slow flow class.  It’s like the instructor knew what we both needed more than we did.  There’s only a few friends that I can be mat-to-mat with and feel like we are both feelin’ the yoga vibe on the same level even without discussing it, and Angela is one of those people.  She hugged me when I got there.  We both realized our hips aren’t 20 year old hips.  We caught up on all things heavy from life and the week and we headed our own ways.  After 15 days we have swapped several stories of people who tell us they’re reading our blog.  I’ve had a few people say they are trying not to complain anymore either (high five to those people!).  After 2 weeks and a day of not complaining, life has taken my focus away from the complaints that are a waste of time (I believe I referred to them as “Uncontrollable (Non Critical) Circumstances” a couple blog posts ago) and more into a solution mode.  A lesson after 15 days is you can get a lot of your time back if you stop complaining.  It’s freeing.  I think I’ve said I was tired one too many times this weekend but I’m a work in progress.