I hope you don’t text back…then I can complain more…but about you

Mar 3…A typical Tuesday full of meetings and an hour and a half zumba class at night.  Around 4pm I was telling a coworker that today felt so much easier than Sunday and Monday on the no complaining front.  I don’t know if it was that I was too busy to complain, if it was due to a lot of people being out of the office, or if I just generally mastered the art of not complaining after a mere 72 hours and am officially an awesome person.  I left work a few minutes after 5:00 which I knew was doomsday for traffic, but I already mentally accepted that because I had hung back in the lobby at work to talk to my dad on the phone without the interruption of wind and parking garage noise.  I told myself a little traffic was no big deal since my dad and I had been playing phone tag for a few days and I wanted to catch up.  That little bit of traffic turned into an hour and a half drive home.  So, here I sat for an hour and a half analyzing how I felt about the whole situation.  My first instinct was to text the two friends going to zumba to tell them of my traffic situation (which I didn’t do).  I sat there thinking, ‘and they’re going to do what for me?  this is just going to spark a group text of “poor Brooke she’s stuck in traffic”‘ which would be a continuous string of me updating them of my location while I rushed to get there.  I knew I’d probably get to zumba on time anyway, so what’s the point?  I then refrained from calling a couple other family members to tell them of my woes.  This got me thinking, primarily on the text situation, what’s up with the broadcast complaints?  I’m not a huge fan of texting in general.  A few funny text exchanges I’m all for and I love when people send me pics, but in general I’d rather just talk to someone as texting can be so distracting (though I do love finding the perfect emoji for the topic at hand).  Anyway, I started thinking….how many texts do I send that are just pointless complaints?  “I’ve been in traffic for an hour and a half,” “I’ve been in meetings all day and haven’t gotten any work done,” “I feel out of shape,” “I’m so tired.”  What does this do?  It does 2 things (in my opinion) or potentially 3 if you’re petty:

1.  It starts a string of texts that are a waste of time.  You’re probably in a less than favorable meeting, situation, traffic, etc where you don’t necessarily have time to keep up the text convo anyway.

2.  It makes the person on the other end feel obligated to either uplift you or agree so you can both relate on a common level of misery.

3. (This ones for the petty peeps) It gives you an excuse to be mad at the recipient if they don’t respond/respond quick enough with something encouraging or “yeah, your life does suck” type of response. You know those texts you send where you may already be mad at the person and you kind of secretly hope they don’t respond so you can really crank up that grudge you were holding on to anyway.  If this applies to you….stop.

Join me in stopping the pointless complaining texts.  It may make you feel better for a minute, but it’s a total annoyance for your recipient.

I got to zumba at 6:59.  I was front row with friends by 7:00 and had totally forgotten about traffic by 7:05.

Mar 4…and then there’s the things that are far easier to complain about vs fix.  I woke up at 6:15am with a headache and it didn’t leave my head until 7pm.  Did I take medicine in that 13 hour time frame?  Nope.  Did I use any of the essential oils I claim heal everything?  Nope.  Did I do anything to help myself?  Nope.  While I didn’t complain to people who couldn’t help me anyway – why did I let this go on that long?  What do you complain about, probably on a regular basis, and yet do nothing to fix it?  7:15pm I put peppermint oil behind my ears.  7:30pm….headache gone.  7:31pm…lesson learned.