“I woke up like ‘dis….I woke up like ‘dis”

This month I’ve decided to wake up at 4:45am.  The idea originated from an article a friend shared about a guy who woke up early for 21 days and later wrote about how his productivity went through the roof.  Plus, there’s always a line in every business-type book about how successful people wake up early.  And (it’s my blog, I can start a sentence with “and”) in those life moments when I’ve been required to get up early (early meaning before 6am) for one reason or another (and once I moved passed hating my life and the bitterness) I actually enjoyed being on the road before others, and typically spent mid-morning internally patting myself on the back while comparing my productivity to others who woke up later.

On December 31st I head to bed slightly before midnight, set my alarm for 4:45am, and proceed to tell my husband how choosing to get up early the day after a holiday where it’s expected that you will stay up late is kind of dumb.  Additionally, the primary reason (even though I didn’t spell it out on my list of goals) for waking up early was to get to the gym early and/or do some form of work.  Well, given that Jan 1 was a holiday and the gym didn’t even open until 8am, and the fact that I am still on vacation from work made the whole thing feel a little pointless.

Jan 1, 4:45am, my alarm went off….I woke up.  I head down to the couch where I tell myself I will be productive and a part of that includes not watching TV.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well so my activities went as follows:  scan Facebook to find photos of what all my friends did on New Years Eve – the ones without kids seemed to find 2-3 other couples without kids to snap a group photo where everyone looked the same/beautiful and I just assumed board games and appetizers were a part of the plan, the ones with kids typically posted family shots of their 2 kids plus their spouse in semi-matching pajamas with comments like “no other place I’d rather be” or some note about how 2014 changed their life (referring to the birth of their youngest).  I also considered reading an article about a dog whose owner is now trying to fly it back home because it somehow wondered across multiple states.  I took 45 minutes to debate if I was going to try a yoga class that started at 6:30am.  I say “try” because it was a different style of yoga than I normally do, it was 2 hours instead of 1, it was a new studio which was 30 minutes away, and I’m pretty sure it is taught by a guy without his shirt on…all things lumped together were a turn off…yeah, that yoga class was never going to happen for me.  I took some Sudafed.  I stared at the Christmas tree a little.   By 6:50am I surrendered and just watched some TV. At 7:00am my husband came downstairs and we discussed the activities that did/didn’t happen in the last 2 hours and 15 minutes.  I never did make it to the gym that day.  The dreams I had of a selfie with my alarm clock at 4:45am and some witty blog post about how great it was went down the tubes.

Jan 2, 4:45am, my alarm went off…I woke up.  I was nearly in tears.  I felt worse this morning with swollen lymph nodes in my neck and overall exhaustion.  I dozed off and on for 45 minutes and somewhere around 5:30am I decided I was doing it.  I was going to get myself to the gym, get some coffee, hit the grocery to at least buy medicine, and then meet my dad for breakfast as we were swapping cars so my sister could practice for her drivers exam in a car similar to the one they do the test in.  After popping a handful of almonds and grabbing my new headphones, I was at the gym by 6am (photo below for proof) where I lifted arms and did cardio.  It took about 3-5 minutes of being there before I felt like myself again.  I even warmed up using the gym’s neon dumbbells that I’m positive I would’ve been too cool to use in my college days.  I have spent my whole life in some form of a gym that even though I’ve felt in a slump lately with little to no motivation for actual lifting weights – I was so proud of myself for being there that early and doing what I said I was going to do.  I was also proud of myself for having researched headphones enough that I finally found a pair that stay in my ears (http://www.subjekt.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1).  I don’t know if it was lifting itself or the fact that Beyonce was singing “I woke up like ‘dis….I woke up like ‘dis” in my ear that made me feel good, but I was feelin’ it all the way around.  I made a stop at Tim Horton’s after for some iced coffee and then headed to the grocery where I decided to just get everything I normally buy, plus the medicine I needed.  Note to self:  grocery only has self-checkout before 7am.  I forgot to buy the medicine.  I was home in time to drop the food off and head out to meet my dad on the other side of Columbus by 9am.

I am not excited about setting my alarm for 4:45 for tomorrow (Saturday) when the gym doesn’t open until 8am on the weekends.  Maybe I’ll just google that dog article to see if he made it home…

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