I’m Writing a Book! And I Made Cookies Without Flour.

June 8:  Big news that’s totally unrelated to a recipe and way more exciting and ends with a trip to New York City!

You guys…life got in the way today and I didn’t make a recipe.  I’m still carrying guilt, and if you know me and the way I carry guilt, you know I’ll still be disappointed in myself through December.  BUT, there was much more exciting news and reason that derailed me from mixing up poorly measured ingredients.

Drum roll…..

I’m writing a book!

My November goal for this blog is to write a book in 30 days.  After I went to a Yoga Dreams event a few weeks ago where we did an exercise that made you think about some of your life dreams and how to achieve them and what was stopping you – I realized that I’ve always loved New York City and wanted to be there in some way, and I still have a burning desire to write a book (and ideally be a speaker/author).  After a lot of brainstorming, googling, and such (“such” normally means talking with friends and family and not letting them get a word in edgewise) I found the New York Writers non-fiction pitch conference.  This is a 3 day conference that’s held 2x/year in New York City (I’m talking blocks from Time Square and probably buildings from the Real Housewives of New York City…not that I watch that show) where you get to work with editors and agents to refine your verbal book pitch, learn about the market for the type of book you’ve written, and it concludes with the opportunity to actually give your pitch in hopes of having them ask for a copy of your manuscript and ultimately publish you.  You apply by sending in a 100 word pitch and they’ll write you back if you get a thumbs up on attending.  So….I decided that it was high time that I stop dreaming and start writing so I submitted a 100 word pitch over the weekend.  On Monday (today) they wrote me back with phrases such as “obviously you have a story to tell” and “we’d love for you to attend” (and additional info on where I can send my money of course).  I have 0 words written for this book but I’m all in at this point (well, I guess I have 100 words written).  I will be cranking this book out in all my “spare time” and will turn my November blog into a behind the scenes scoop on the trip to NYC, the famous people I stalk while I’m there, and the tales behind trying to get published.

As uncomfortable as it feels to put this out there for all the world to read…I’ve decided I’m over that phase.  Here it is….

Born the daughter of teen parents, my childhood is rooted in seemingly questionable advice from my mother.  In “Do What I Say: Life as My Mother Predicted” I will present a collection of memoir-essays that weave together life events through my mother’s quotes.  This includes relatable stories such as “When the Interns Start” created from her warning about the day someone prettier and younger than you is hired in the office.  As a 2014 Tedx Columbus speaker, Raising Teen Parents, and co-creator of GalsWithGoals.com, my voice will be consistent with those efforts by delivering motivation, inspiration, and humor.

Forgive me for the no recipe today!  I’ll be working on forgiving myself.

June 9:  Sweet Potato Hash

Okay, back to the kitchen.

One of our favorite dishes at Northstar cafe is the sweet potato hash.  I decided I didn’t need a specific recipe for this one – I could pretty much guess what’s in it (or at least the version I intended to make), and here’s where I landed….

-1 bag of frozen sweet potatoes (yeah, I went frozen)

-1 green pepper

-1 red pepper

-green onions

Stir around in skillet.

-2 over easy eggs

Put eggs on top and voila!

I didn’t include turkey in mine like they do at Northstar out of sheer laziness.  I ate this for dinner even though it was a breakfast dish.

Sweet potato ingredients

Sweet potato cooking

Sweet potato hash

June 10:  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I told you on day 1 that I didn’t have a mixer or any of the traditional baking items, interest, or patience….and now combine that with the fact that I was working off poor planning, a Pinterest recipe, and a trip to Target.

I went to Target and got everything I needed, diligently glancing back and forth from Pinterest to shelf, Pinterest to shelf.  I knew I had some whole wheat flour at home so I bought the rest and checked out.  I unpacked my groceries and ignored my negative self talk for the poor planning and then re-read the recipe, pausing and reading slowly over the parts in all bold that said “you have to measure the dry ingredients exactly” or “you have to let them chill” or “Brooke this is for you, you have to actually measure.”  I decide that my eye-ball measurements wouldn’t work so I was going to stick to the directions exactly as stated in bold purple font.  Only, that whole wheat flour I had in the pantry now lives in a trash dump probably somewhere in New Jersey because I threw it away when I cleaned the pantry a couple months ago.  Nothing like cookies with no flour.  Excellent.

-1 cup organic oats

-1/2 cup organic blue agave

-1/3 cup raisins

-vanilla that I didn’t measure

-cinnamon that I didn’t measure because I wanted to give up at this point

-2 spoonfuls of coconut oil – I’m still confused about this stuff?  I mean, you can use it as lotion and in a cookie?! Wha?

-1 organic egg

-a random sprinkle of baking soda…I had totally given up at this point

I just mixed it all up.  I didn’t do a separate bowl for some and then merge with the other.  I just used a whisk and let Chris tell me I was doing a good job even though he knew I didn’t have flour.

Bake this randomness at 350 degrees for 10 minutes

Wait for it…..they actually turned out good!  They aren’t your traditional cookie but more-so a baked version of granola almost.  Chris even said “these are good, I’m glad you didn’t use flour.”

At this point I’m considering nixing my original book idea and writing a cookbook.

cookie ingredients

oatmeal cookies

June 11:  Asparagus with Pepper and Garlic

As the name implies, this is really just 3 things that we had in the house that Chris helped me come up with because we both got home at 8:30pm.  I feel like this is cheating, but technically it’s new and is a recipe in some fashion.  Here’s what I made tonight….

-asparagus – chop off the bottom

-1 garlic clove

-chopped up peppers

Put in skillet with a little olive oil.

asparagus ingredients


As I finish out week 2, I am still admitting that I’m limping along on this one.  I’m doing it, but I can tell you that when I’m cutting up garlic at 9pm at night I’m also sighing loudly and bitter that I’m still in my business clothes from work.