It’s all a blur…

Jan 3, 4:45am…my alarm went off, I proceeded to wake up and doze off and wake up again for about 45 minutes.  My desire to actually get up was low because as I mentioned in my last post, the gym didn’t open until 8am and I didn’t have any work pending for the moment.  I ended up coming downstairs somewhere around 6:30am, and even though it was 1 day ago…I already forget what I did.  Waking up that early is weird, I can do so many things and by 3pm on the same day it’s like I’ve completely forgotten what happened.  Maybe because I’m tired, or maybe because 8-10 hours have gone by already?  I’ve always been one of those people that if you ask me on a Saturday morning what I had for dinner on Friday night I can’t seem to recall for the life of me for some reason.  What I do know is – I started laundry at 6:45am, I was at the gym by 9am, stopped for a late breakfast, stopped at the grocery, ran a couple earrands and productivity continued to increase from there.  Thanks to playing some music on our new Sonos speaker ( we didn’t turn the TV on which kept me moving.  Adele played in the background as we removed all signs of Christmas from the house (sad) and put up some new curtains that I got for too-good-of-a-deal-not-to-buy a week ago.  We ventured out and looked at granite countertops, stopped for dinner, etc.  All in all….even though I wasn’t on my feet at 4:45am, I hit the gym and had a really productive day, so my goal was accomplished enough in my book for a Saturday.

Jan 4, 4:45am…my alarm went off and I took a few minutes to figure out how I was feeling.  I had already told Chris on Saturday that if I still felt sick (because I did throughout Saturday even though I was running around town doing things) that I would actually sleep a little longer just so I was 100% for Monday when I go back to work and my “real 4:45am schedule begins.”  My throat was sore and again – the gym wasn’t open and no real work pending.  I laid there for awhile, scanned Facebook, flipped my pillow over 10x, cracked my back, and then headed downstairs around 7am.  I make a little “to do” list in my iPad each night for the next day so it’s not like I am roaming around the living room aimlessly per se.  I managed to order my step-sister a candy bouquet for her 12th birthday, I put all of my 2015 vacation on my work calendar and sent all my coworkers invites noting I’m out those days, somewhere in there I made the executive decision of which week Chris and I will take a week vacation (destination TBD), I cleaned up my work and personal email a bit,  I scribbled a January workout calendar (pic below) which is the perfect combination of morning workouts, lifting with my trainer, Zumba hip hop with my friends, free yoga, yoga brunch, and a new relaxation yoga that I’m actually trying tonight, I emailed my trainer, and I sent my Zumba schedule to my friends.  I headed to free yoga at LuluLemon at 11am, switched cars again with my dad (bought an organizer for his trunk and found a pair of shorts back there he thought he lost), I went to Short North and ate lunch, I went to Native Cold Pressed to buy organic juices, I went to Kinkos to mail my mom my old curtains and a few things I bought her.  I’m not sure anyone cares about every detail and errand of my day and I know there was more mixed in there….but what I do know is waking up early on the weekend has given me a chance to do things like start my laundry early, knock out some tedious to do’s, and of course waste a fair amount of time on social media.

In my mind, tomorrow is the first day of this goal because it’s my first day actually going to the gym by 5:15am-ish and then heading to work (I’ve been off since December 19th…ah!). 

Now….I’m off to my 2nd yoga class of the day followed by laying my workout clothes on the end of the bed so minimal thinking and time is needed when that alarm goes off tomorrow morning.