Jennifer Elaine & Jessica Lee

Since I spent nearly every minute of junior high and high school with these ladies, they are the receivers of my handwritten letters this week….

May 13:  Jennifer Elaine

How this character arrived in my life:  In kindergarten with a bowl haircut.  I had a mullet.  We became fast friends.

My favorite memory with this person:  Going to a shady part of Dayton with $20 in hand in search of a psychic.  We found her, we gave her our $20, she read our auras, we justified the satanic practice by saying “she had to be legit, she had a picture of The Last Supper in her lobby” (“lobby” being the side entrance of her house, you know, just 5 feet from the types of vans that you’re 90% sure someone lives in that have curtains on the side window and possibly a mural someone spray painted on the other side).  I don’t know what was more fun…going to the psychic or watching her boyfriend (now husband) tell us he couldn’t go because he wanted to “create his own destiny.” 

One word to describe this person:   Comedian

What I admire about this person:  Jen doesn’t take anyone’s bull $h*t.  She stands up for herself, her family, her friends, etc.  She even punched a guy in high school (I think, if not, I remember “holding her back”…it all went down in the cafeteria….all very dramatic).  She is really strong that way.  She stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t back down.  Plus, she’s that friend that you know would totally kick someones ass for you.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  Jen has the quickest wit of any of my girlfriends – her and her husband could probably have their own comedy show.  She’s always up to speed on the latest comedy movies.  She married her high school sweetheart!  She was the first of our friends to get her license so she was our main carpool for most of sophomore year.  Her children are so beautiful I’m really pushing for child modeling so we could all live off their riches.  She looks exactly like her mom and sister to another level of look-alike that I’ve never seen before.  Our mom’s have the same name.  I spent every weekend of 7th, 8th, and 9th grade spending the night at her house doing important things like making up dances to 90’s pop songs and video taping each other.  Jen is not afraid to try new styles and always looks awesome in her outfits!  She’s extremely loyal.  She’s very good at her job.  She wrote a fan letter to Vince Vaughn under the semi-sedation of prescription drugs after ankle surgery.  She won best dressed in high school!  She can cuss like a sailor when needed.

Jen is on the far left in this picture

jen fine

May 14:  Jessica Lee

How this character arrived in my life:  In 5th grade with bangs and a Lands’ End bookbag.  We quickly became those friends who have a “notebook” – you know, where we write each other letters during class and pass it back and forth and it’s obvious it’s for notes and not school because it has little images of cute famous actors and our names on the front cover cut from various sized letters out of a magazine, much like a ransom note.

My favorite memory with this person:  Ugh, so many it’s hard to pick 1.  Every high school memory includes Jess and her contagious laugh.  All those weekends I spent the night at Jen’s never included an evening without Jess.  My favorite memory with her would be making videos in Jen’s room of us dancing.  We could entertain ourselves into the wee hours of the night/morning doing a dance to TLC’s “Creep” or lip syncing to Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic.”  Jess was always up for anything and super fun to be around!  I could fill this blog with similar memories…like going to the mall and our dad’s giving us $50 and Jen’s dad making her count pennies she had saved just so we could all buy something from the store 5-7-9 that we’d all later wear to Kings Island, or all 3 of us working our first job together (my aunt had hired us to do data entry), or making a giant poster of the band before a No Doubt concert.  The list could go on…..

One word to describe this person:  Likeable

What I admire about this person:  I don’t see Jess nearly as often as I did when we were in school, but I don’t have to be there everyday to confidently describe her as nurturing.  When I think about her role as a wife, a mom of 3, and a nurse….um….you have to have some serious patience and compassion for people to fill those shoes!  Anyone that Jess takes care of at work or in her personal life would agree with me that they are lucky to have her by their side.  She has the special ability to be nurturing, empathetic, and caring towards people which is a really special trait.

Fun facts that makes me love this person so much:  Through serendipity, she ended up meeting and marrying my former friend and cheerleading partner from college.  She’s a mom of 3….2 of which are twins!  She’s a nurse and I know she’s awesome at it.  She’s super smart – the type you’d want to cheat off of on a biology exam.  She has a fun loud laugh.  She has perfect teeth!  She’s really close with her sister.  She stood by my side many ‘a junior high and high school dances doing steps we had choreographed on the weekends leading up to the dance.  You can tell her parents are so proud of everything she does.  She grew up in a really pretty/cozy home that I loved spending time in.  She finds humor in really silly things and is easy to have inside jokes with about nonsense that happened in your day.  She’s extremely sweet and the type to say “aww” when you show her something cute.  Everyone loved her in high school!  She’s creative.  She’s nice to everyone.  She was prom queen!

Sadly, most of my pictures with Jess are pre-digital camera days (insert feeling old) so I thought it best to steal a picture from Facebook that includes her husband since I was ironically friends with him in college prior to them meeting.  Small world…and I’m so glad they found each other!