Juicing, Days 17-19

September 17th: It’s important to know the difference between blending and juicing. A blender mixes and pulverizes while a juicer separates the juice and fiber. Fiber is an essential part of our long-term health and a healthy diet. Juices shouldn’t replace regular meals except during short-term cleansing programs, but I’m debating whether to continue juicing in the morning before breakfast or start buying cold pressed juice to take to work with me in the evenings to have for dinner. We shall see! This morning I made a juice called “Apples & Neeps” and Joe said it’s the best juice I’ve made so far! YAY!

Apples & Neeps

3 parsnips

3 apples

1/2 lime

3 sprigs fresh mint


September 18th: Many nutritionists recommend chewing while drinking raw juice in order to activate the digestive elements in the mouth and assimilate the juice in the body. This morning I made a juice called “Minty Carrot” and it was delicious! I had originally planned for a different juice today that had tomatoes and after last week’s tomato juice, I decided to change things up at the last minute.

Minty Carrot

3 carrots

1 apple

1 stick celery

1 small bunch fresh mint leaves


September 19th: If you live for your morning coffee like I do, your fruit and vegetable juice should be consumed 30 minutes before or after your morning coffee. This morning I had a juice called “Orange Carrot” while waiting on my morning brew. It’s quick and simple so next time I’ll probably add ginger to give it a little extra kick.

Orange Carrot

4 carrots

1 orange