And through foggy London Town the sun was shining everywhere.

June Update: Joe and I just returned last night from London and oh what a great experience it was! We had such a great trip thanks to our wonderful tour guide, Tom, a great group of travelers and all of the research we did during the month of June. We stayed in an amazing hotel with a really wonderful staff in Mayfair, one of the nicest neighborhoods in London! We were able to beat the crowds, fast track through long lines and experience many events that aren’t always open to the public. Many of the podcasts I listened to featured Tom, and he was able to give us insight on some upcoming podcasts and new tour possibilities for 2016!


July 1st: As we continue our journey through the city of London this week, it’s time to start a new goal for the month of July! This month my goal is to either walk or ride my bike a little bit everyday. These first couple of days are special because I am fortunate enough to begin this goal while exploring a new city. Once we return home, my hope is to accomplish this goal by visiting a new bike path and/or Columbus Metropark each day. Today we set out on a walking tour through the city with a stop at St. Paul’s Cathedral, England’s national church. During this informative tour of the cathedral, we heard about how local “fire watcher” volunteers saved this iconic landmark during the bombing raids of WWII. After our pub lunch together at The Counting House, we enjoyed a free afternoon with a walk across the Millennium Bridge, past Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, through Borough Market, to the Victoria and Albert Museum and finally made it back to our hotel without an ounce of energy to spare.


July 2nd: Today we traveled to the British Library and the British Museum. This year marks the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta, which they were charging visitors an arm and a leg to see. (I’ll just look at it online for free, thank you very much!) I was also able to view Gutenberg’s Bible, a replica of the printing press and several scores and valuable manuscripts, including lyrics by the Beatles! At the British Museum, we were able to study and view the Rosetta Stone as well as several other world treasures featured in the many “cabinets of curiosities” as the British would call them.


July 3rd: On the final day of our tour, our group caught a train to head out of town and visited the historic Windsor Castle, the largest and oldest castle residence in the world! We spent the morning touring the Royal Family’s castle, the ornate St. George’s Chapel (the final resting place of King Henry VIII) and the surrounding park. After our tour, Joe and I strolled across the bridge into the town of Eton where we enjoyed a lunch overlooking the river Thames. We took the train back into London where our group had our own private capsule on the London Eye and enjoyed the best views of the city. We ended the evening with a farewell dinner at the Ebury Restaurant, one of William and Kate’s favorite restaurants! 😉


July 4th: Our tour ended after breakfast this morning. After saying goodbye to our fellow travel buddies, Joe and I hopped on a train to spend a day in Bath, England. We visited the Fashion Museum, Bath Abbey, The Circus and The Circus Restaurant for lunch and ended our trip with the Roman Baths and a walk through the town. It was so nice to get away from the city and experience something totally different on our final day in England.



July 5th: After breakfast, Joe and I packed our bags and headed for the airport with one final walk through the city. It was such a great week, but it’s back to reality for us tomorrow! Here’s hoping we survive the jet lag…stay tuned to find out. :/