Just Breathe

Thursday, March 5th: Oh how I wanted to sleep in this morning…on very few occasions our cat, Mo, doesn’t wake us up in the morning by sticking his paws in our mouths. He actually let us sleep this morning, so we just wanted to cherish the moment. After laying in bed check Facebook for about 20 minutes, I finally got ready to my yoga workout, 10 Minute Solution Yoga, Yoga for Flexibility & Relaxation. Out of all of the exercises I’ve tried so far, this was by far my favorite. I absolutely love the feeling of just stretching and breathing and can’t even begin to describe the wonderful feeling of relaxation and peace I feel afterwards. The extra stretching made my P-90 workout that much better this morning. Here’s another great yoga quote…


Friday, March 6th: I moved on to a different DVD workout today Stratusphere Yoga, Lean Legs & Glutes and followed it up with my normal P-90 workout. I’m not sure if I’m much of a fan of this DVD as a beginner to yoga. The workout moves extremely fast, so much in fact, I think it could lead to injury if you aren’t careful. The transitions are way too fast and she suggests “bouncing” in some of the poses, which to me screams sprains or hamstring issues. I moved a little slower through some of the transitions to avoid injury. Here’s today’s YogaQuote. In case some of you are wondering, the Bhagavad Gita is Hindu scripture.


Saturday, March 7th: I’m not used to working out on the weekends so that was an adjustment this morning. My original plan was to continue with Stratusphere Yoga, Toned Biceps & Triceps, but that particular workout is really intense and that’s not my main focus for this yoga goal. I’m really looking for something a little more meditative and peaceful, so I decided to try 10 Minute Solution Yoga, Yoga for Flexibility & Relaxation again. If you have suggestions for studios, videos, books, etc. that focus on this aspect of yoga, please let me know! Today’s YogaQuote is exactly what I was hoping for today…