Kale is My Spirit Animal #kaleyeah

If you’re looking for recipes that may only require 2-3 ingredients and have a high rating in the healthy department…this is your blog!  If you’re looking for impressive baked goods, multiple exotic ingredients, and culinary skills that leave you saying “wow”….look away.

I have semi-despised this goal this month – partially from lack of planning but mainly from trying to make things that I just know aren’t healthy.  I can’t do another week of pastas or branch out into desserts that either won’t be eaten – or will be eaten too much by one person in our house that resembles a 5’4 1/2 used-to-be-blonde whose name rhymes with Brooke.

So I’m kickin’ this a little former figure competitor-esque this week ::flexing bicep::

June 21:  Sweet Potato Pancake

Chris eats a sweet potato everyday so I thought this may be a good way to mix things up but keep it to clean ingredients.

-1 sweet potato (microwaved it as long as the “potato” button required it to twirl around in there)


-2 eggs

After the sweet potato cooked in the microwave, I peeled it and smashed it in a mixing bowl.  I added 2 eggs and some cinnamon and continued to smash it all together.

Fry like a pancake.

sweet potato ingredients

I’ve never been able to make a pancake that actually cooked like a real pancake should…until now.

sweet potato pancake

The taste was that mediocre taste you settle for when you eat healthy.

June 22:  Kale Chips

Kale is the new black.  If you do yoga, live in a trendy city, or shop at Whole Foods and haven’t at least had some sort of salad, smoothie, or vegan baked good with kale in it then you’re not living life to the fullest or you’re likely not using phrases like “(insert something random) is my spirit animal.”

Today….kale is my spirit animal.

Sidenote:  I once took a cool picture of a cookie I bought at Whole Foods and put it on Instagram.  Whole Foods commented and asked if they could use the photo.  If I agreed they could use it, I was instructed to comment back with #kaleyeah


-olive oil

-salt & pepper

Spread on baking sheet that you’ve sprayed with baking spray.  Spread kale around.  Drizzle olive oil over-top and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Bake for 10-minutes (I think?) at 275 degrees.

kale ingredients

I didn’t want to waste a lot if this wasn’t going to be good.

kale precooked

Um, where did it all go?

kale after

Aside from the fact that my oven obviously ate half of it, it’s pretty good.  When you first eat some you’re like “wow, this is pretty flavorful and good.”  After a few bites you’re like “this is too much flavor and it’s sticking in my teeth.”  After a lot you’re like “ew, I’m done with this.”

June 23:  Oatmeal Peanut Butter Egg Coconut Veggie Protein Pancake with Smiley Face

If you’re a former figure competitor, married to a bodybuilder, or in the general fitness arena then you’ve made your own version of a protein pancake a time or two.  The general public thinks this is the grossest or weirdest thing ever, but if those things apply to you….you get it.  Most of us doing the protein pancake thing have some general overlap of ingredients but all of us put our own twist on it.  Here’s mine (I added new things to stick with my “new recipe” part of this goal).

-2/3 cup oatmeal

-1 scoop vanilla veggie protein powder given to me from a friend!  It’s the item that looks like bagged cocaine in the picture.

-2 scoops of organic peanut butter

-sprinkle of coconut

-2 egg whites

-dark chocolate chips

Mix everything in 1 big bowl, excluding the chocolate chips.  Fry like pancake.  Make smiley face with chocolate chips.

The 2 jars in the upper left are left over from Native Cold Pressed juices.  We reuse them for miscellaneous things as you can see (coconut and chocolate chips)

oatmeal pancake ingredients

oatmeal pancake in bowl

Why make a pancake if you’re not going to put a face on it?

smiley face pancake

This pancake was great!  It wasn’t even “eh, it’s okay for a healthy meal” great…..it actually was great!

June 24:  Protein Shake

I wanted to make at least 1 recipe that was some sort of drink.  But if you don’t drink alcohol and don’t want to do high sugar, then you’re really only left with protein shakes which is fine by me.

-1 scoop of chocolate mocha veggie protein powder from a friend (again, it’s the cocaine looking baggie in the pic)

-2 scoops of organic peanut butter

-1 scoop of coconut oil (I’m still confused about this stuff but really wanted to use it)

-almond milk (enough to fill up the Magic Bullet cup)

-chia seeds (just cause I had some leftover from something and felt they seemed healthy enough to add.  They are the weird dark container on the bottom right)


Put all in a magic bullet container and mix ‘er up.

protein shake ingredients

protein shake before

shake magic bullet

If you don’t have a magic bullet, you’re behind the times.

magic bullet

Protein shakes taste better if you have a cool straw.

shake after

Best protein shake I’ve ever made!

::walking lunges out of kitchen::

June 24:  Parmesan Zucchini

2 ingredients.



Notice anything wrong with this picture?  I guess my brain read “mozzarella” as parmesan when I was at the grocery trying to remember what type of cheese we already had in the fridge.

zucchini ingredients

Slice the zucchini, sprinkle with cheese (apparently any cheese you’d like per my cheese detour) and bake for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.

I lied, I added salt and pepper too.

zucchini before

Well, I’m not winning any “best presentation” awards with this one but I swear they taste good.  Anything that is going to increase the odds of eating green vegetables is a win in my book.

zucchini after

June 25:  Crockpot Fajitas

Okay, time to up my game a bit after multiple 2-4 ingredient dishes.

-2 packages of chicken tenderloins

-2 packages of green peppers, red peppers, onion (I took the lazy (smart) route and bought the pre-chopped)

-14oz diced tomatoes with green chiles (I used 20 oz because I doubled the amount of chicken recommended)

-chili powder


-juice of 2 limes

-honey (I never read how I was supposed to incorporate this, I just squired some in the crockpot)

-there were other spices I didn’t feel like buying

Put 1 can of tomatoes on the bottom of the crockpot, layer in vegetables, put chicken on top, add spices onto chicken, put the rest of the vegetables and tomatoes on top.  Close lid.  Cross fingers.  Keep lifting lid over the course of 4-5 hours to overanalyze it’s progress.

I didn’t end up using the extra container of onions that are in the picture since onions came with the peppers.

fajita ingredients


crockpot before

We eat a lot of meat.


It worked!  It ended up swimming around in blood red juice (murder scene in my crockpot) by the time it was all cooked, and I swear something in there smelled odd, but I ate it on a whole wheat tortilla and survived to tell about it.  If you’ve never made chicken in a crockpot just know that if you cook it long enough it is super easy to shred.  I was probably an hour away from shred-worthy chicken.

fajita after

You guys, I’m tired of this goal.  I have a few days left of recipes followed by the “10 things I’ve learned…” post and then it’s on to the next (learning to play poker and playing in a Vegas casino).  I am at least ending this week on a good note feeling like I made healthy dishes and I can rest easy knowing that binging on my 5lbs of pasta salad is now a thing of the past.

Peace out girl scouts.